Best Hair Growth Treatments

Each lady dreams of healthy and delightful hairstyles. Sometimes many wish their hair be long and luscious. There are some great treatments for hair growth that will help you to have healthy and thick hair. Discover them for yourself and often use some of them.

Olive Oil with Egg Yolkhair care tipsFor the first remedy you need to have olive oil and egg yolk. Mix two egg yolks and two spoons of olive oil and add half a cup of water to it. Then apply this to your thin hair and keep it for about 20 minutes. The rise your hair and repeat the same twice a month. After using this mask you will soon see the satisfying result.

Rosemary Hair-growth Remedyhair care tips 2016The next is the great herb rosemary that will stimulate your scalp and will make it quite strong. You need to mix 2 spoons of dry rosemary leaves with 300mls of water and apply to your locks from the top part to the ends. Repeat this not more than four times a week.

Banana Maskhair care 2016Since bananas are full of vitamins you can use it as a hair growth treatment. In order to make a great mask of banana for hair you should first mash it with a paste then get a smooth mass that is easy to apply on hair. You may add some conditioner and oil for a softer and smoother mixture. After applying cover your head with aplastic cap. Leave it for about 20 minutes and rinse your hair.

Avocado with Coconut Oil

To protect our skin from damaging we often use avocado and coconut oil. But it is useful for our scalp and hair as well. This mask moisturizes dry hair and increases its growth. Heat the coconut for about 10 seconds by stove and avoid using microwave. The take some oil and massage your hair with it from the scalp to the ends. Then mash one avocado and make smooth paste of it. Apply it on hair and after 15 minutes wash your hair. To get the desired result you should reaper this once a week.

Almond Oil Remedylong hair careThe almond oil is very useful for hair growth and t tends to make it stronger. It is a simple hair remedy but is quite satisfying.  Take some amount of this oil appropriate to your hair length and thickness and apply it to your locks. Let it set on your hair for about 15 minutes and the wash your hair as always.

Henna powder and Egg Remedy

Indian women surely know what to use to keep their hair o healthy, thick and shiny. They use the most effective hair growth treatment which is the henna powder and egg mixture. You can find henna power at any beauty store. If you already have it you need to mix the henna powder with an egg and some hot water and apply on hair as a hair dye. Keep it on your hair for about one hour and rinse out with water and shampoo. You should know that this treatment should be used once a month or even every other month a time.



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