Winter Hair Care for Natural Curly Hair

Like any other season winter also requires special care for your hair. We wear various masks to make our hair healthier and shinier but we forget about the right care and about the fact that each remedy is created for particular conditions. Today we’ll speak about winter hair care for natural curly hair. If you have such hair you should definitely discover the secrets of healthy locks in cold seasons. Thus, here they are!

Plan Your Washesnatural curly hair 2016One of the most essential things to do for winter hair care is planning your washes. It is recommended not to use hair drier too often and many of us use it in winter quite frequently to dry thick and frizzy hair as soon as possible. Though it’s not always convenient to wait until your hair dries naturally but if you wash your hair at night you will have dry hair in the morning. So, you won’t damage your locks by a hair drier and will have more time to style it in the morning.

Moisturizing Productscurly hair 2016It goes without saying that dry hair may become broken and more damaged in cold seasons. To protect your hair from damaging you need to moisturize it properly. Start from your shampoo; pick a shampoo that doesn’t contain sulfates which are harsh ingredients and don’t provide your hair with much moisture. As for natural remedies you can use apple cider vinegar during washing your hair. Choose a conditioner special for moisturizing your locks. Allow it to sit on your hair for about 2 minutes and then rinse your hair with cool water.

Cover your Hair

Like the rays of the sun wind can also damage your hair. The chilly winter air can easily steal the moisture of your hair and damage your scalp. So, it is essential that you cover your hair with a warm headband or hat. This will also keep your nape and ears warm and will protect your locks. As your curly hair is so glamorous just the way it is you can style it with a headband or with a warm scarf. Try to choose subtle and soft hair covering clothes.curly hair care

Sleep Right

Before going to bed wrap your hair with a satin clothe to protect it from harsh fabrics that can also damage your hair. This will keep the moisture and is useful for your scalp and skin.

Eat Right

Why is right eating so important? Because when you eat wrong it directly affects on your body and skin as well as on your scalp. Drink lots of water during the day. Try to eat food full of vitamins like vegetables and fruits and avoid too much fat. Healthy food is useful and your body will surely thank you. You curls will look healthy and will grow faster.



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