Hairstyles with Straight Long Bangs for 2017

The simplicity of smooth or slightly wavy long locks works really well with stunning bangs. Well, no one would imagine that a few scissor flips can give the locks a graphic and structured form for a timeless yet chic look. Bangs are one of those elements that can easily enhance one’s look without going for radical changes. Perhaps this is the main reason why everyone prefers to chop off bangs instead of coloring the locks or going for shorter cuts. Let’s just have a closer look at these irresistible hairstyles with straight long bangs for 2017 that only fashionistas and trendsetters would dare to pull off.     Hairstyles with Straight Long Bangs for 2017Long Hair with Bangs

Whether you love or hate the bangs, they will always make a great impact on your image. The long hair with bangs looks both ultra-feminine and structured due to the fringe element. Somehow long bangs take us back to 90s when females use to rock them. Well, it is not necessary to go for ultra thick bangs as thin ones will work too.Long Hair with BangsVoluminous Hair and Long Bangs

This rock chic style has been adopted by numerous top models and celebrities. According to the stylist, this style is not suitable for females with fine hair. Well that’s true, bangs can be matched with all face shapes but it is better to rock them if only your locks have some weight otherwise you will end up with a style that is a little bit flat.

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