2017 Short Hairstyle Ideas for Thin Hair

Thin hair type is not a big problem when you know how to style it. Thin hair requires lots of dimension and volume, so consider using the latest hair trends to boost your volume and make your hair appear thicker and healthier. Whether you believe or not but short hairstyles are great for adding extra volume to your strands. For those with longer locks it is really discouraging to chop off their strands into short bob or pixie, but to prove that there are amazing short hairstyles for thin hair for 2017 I have compiled this list of adorable short headdresses!2017 Short Hairstyle Ideas for Thin HairElegant Shoulder-Gazing Cut for Thin Hair

There is nothing sweeter than this elegant shoulder-gazing cut with highlighted waves. With a lovely cut and neutral hair color like this you have versatile styling options. You can style it in a classic way or mess everything up with big waves and curls to have a bit edgy look. However this haircut compliments all hair types and face features, since it allows you to create a beautiful face-frame.Elegant Shoulder Gazing Cut for Thin HairPink to Orange Ombre

This hairstyle would have a simple slicked back look if the wearer wouldn’t decide to color it with bold shades such as orange and pink. In this style a vibrant and youthful pink shade beautifully transitions into orange livening up a simple cut like the one you see here. This medium-length bob has beautiful bangs that have been slicked back to keep the focus on the face.Pink to Orange OmbreCotton Candy Pink Bob

Like in previous case, this cut also would have a simple look without sophisticated and jewel pastel shades. This sweet hair color requires several tones though you should keep the roots dark to create a contrasting look. The tips of the hair have been lightly curled while the bangs, above the bows, are straight. With this styling and cotton candy hues you will get a classic look.Cotton Candy Pink BobBright Pink Curls for Fine Hair

It is not a common style, since not every day you will see a woman walking down the street with bright pink hair. This bubblegum short haircut is vibrant and sweet. The styling requires braiding and pulling the bangs back while the rest of hair has beautiful waves. This hairstyle is great for thin hair and it adds extra dimension and volume to your strands.Bright Pink Curls for Fine HairPurple-Grey Short Cut

This is a short bob cut that is fantastic for all women who like classic and chic haircuts. The purple-grey shade makes the cut more sophisticated and allows you to go for various styling options every day. This is one of the greatest hairstyles for women with thin hair since it provides with natural volume.Purple Grey Short Cut



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