Beautiful Accessories and Hairstyles for Short Hair in 2018

It’s a great piece for special events or day outs. If you feel that you are missing some baldness in your life, then this option has been created for you.Bobby Pin Patterns

Who would think that simple bobby pins may provide you with an outstanding look. Bobby aren’t something magical but they can look pretty cool if you have a few styling tricks. Below you can see an example of such style. The bobby pins are pinned to create a headband like look. You will not be surprised by the end of styling.Bun Pin

This style is for ladies that are in love with buns. Wear the same bun everyday and spice it up with gorgeous accessory- a new look with a new accessory. All it requires creating a regular half or full bun and decorating it with a lovely headpiece- just like the one you see below. The choice of a pin is up to you.

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