Best Crimped Hairstyles for 2017

Crimped hair is not new in fashion but every ten years we can see a rise of popularity of crimped styles. Crimping requires pressing the hair into small folds and ridges and is usually achieved by using special hair tools; however there are alternative ways to get this look: instead of using a regular iron, opt for braiding. It will add an extra layer of dimension to updos and extra volume to hair and it is definitely worth trying right now! Here we have the best crimped hairstyles for 2017 to give you some ideas.Best Crimped Hairstyles for 2017Rainbow Crimped Hairstyle

Show off yourself by creating a look that is your own. In this picture the model’s strands were braided into two rows of twisted braids in front, above there is another braid with multiple tiny ponytails that feed out of it. The hair within these small ponies is crimped and falls on the top of the rest blue and blonde striped locks. It is a creative style for girls who want to draw attention.

crimped hairstyle for 2017

crimped hairstyle for 2017

Crimped Mohawk

Mohawks come in various shapes and shades. Here we see a Mohawk-inspired updo where the hair has been styled into a twisted updo that keeps the focus on the volume down the middle of the head. The black to brown locks have been smartly crimped before they were styled. Crimped strands make the style even more interesting and eye-catching.

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