Black Hairstyles with Layer of Highlights

When you have a rich hair color such as caramel brown, creating a simple hairstyle like this is just a matter of 2 or 3 minutes. Note that this headdress looks cool when created in a messy pattern.  The messier, the better. Bun and Caramel Hair Color Soft Waves and Honey Brown Hair Color 

Soft waves are in mainstream like always. They work for any hair length and texture. These waves are beneficial particularly for those with fine hair type. When it comes to these incredible waves, they are spiced up with honey blonde highlights. The soft transition from brown to blonde provides with an expensive hair look. However, side swept bangs are great for framing the face. Sleek Hair and Golden Lowlights 

The key to this flawless look is a right chosen hairstyle and lowlights. These lighter lowlights work great for women with medium skin tone. The contrast is visible even though the hair color looks super natural. Sleek straight styling is the best way to show off the effect of the lowlights. It is an easy look for brunettes to copy. Brown hair colors have never been so much fun to wear.
Highlights and Lowlights 

Ask your hair colorist to blend ash-toned highlights and amber lowlights. These lowlights and highlights are great for dark-haired ladies. Obviously the highlights play up with the eye color making the look subtler and more delicate. Red lipstick comes in handy to complete the look. If you are a brunette, give a try to this impressive look. 

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