Celebrity Inspiration: Right Hairstyles for Women with Long Faces

Any hairstylist takes his/her client’s face shape into consideration before choosing a right haircut. I do agree a bone structure is an important thing to consider, but the style will never look good on you, if you doesn’t feel comfortable in it. However, the thing you need to know is that there are certain hairstyles that look good on this or that face. Today I have rounded up incredible hairstyles for women with long faces. If you have it, just take your time to check these ideas. Celebrity Inspiration Right Hairstyle for Women with Long FacesSide Ponytail

Well, it’s a hairstyle that complements any face shape including long, round and heart-shaped faces. However, a deeply side swooped ponytail is a masterpiece for women with long faces. The advantage of it, is that the pony cuts the long face in half creating a flattering look. It is an easy to do updo that will definitely enhance your unique features.Side PonytailTextured Ponytail

Here is another type of ponytail that is great for long faces. It’s a textured ponytail with softly teased sides that add a bit of width to a narrow face structure. Everything about this ponytail is subtle and flawless, so you don’t need to overdo anything. Note that the pony brings out the exquisite contrast between the shades. Feel free to rock it casually as well as formally.Textured PonytailVoluminous Curls

Indeed, you cannot magically wake up with waist-length curls but you can add tons of volume to your curls. It is possible to do in many ways- cutting off the locks, placing some structural layers, using curling irons or hair products. Regardless of hair length and natural texture, everyone can achieve a voluminous hairstyle. When it comes to this style, you can get it by using some hair extensions.Voluminous CurlsLong Bob

Long bob or lob is nothing but chic. It’s impossible to go wrong with the trendiest haircut of the year. Luckily, this chic haircut flatters long faces as well. A long bob with slightly soft bands will square off a long oval face. It’s really true a good haircut may do magics with your face shape and natural texture. Just take cue from the following style.Long BobCenter Parted Hairstyle

Center partings are known to give more length to face, but this is not that case. Slightly wavy long strands paired with a side parting work pretty cool with long face, making it visually rounder. It’s an effortlessly hairdo to get. If you want to make a statement this is a hairstyle you need to take into consideration.Center Parted Hairstyle

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