Hairstyles with Side Swept Bangs

Bangs whether on short or long strands, look adorable. They add extra mystery and elegance to the cut. When paired with a right choice of hair color, bangs will definitely provide you with a mind-blowing and eye-catching look. As with any hairstyle, don’t forget to take into consideration your facial features. Bangs are always being created according one’s face shapes. So consult with your stylist to find the excellent bang style for your complexion. These hairstyles with side swept bangs will give you the inspiration you need. Read on to know more!Hairstyles with Side Swept BangsShort Side Swept Bangs

The length of the bangs is pretty important. If one wants to display her gorgeous facial features, opts for short bangs. While choosing short bangs you should be careful, since these bangs may bring out your flaws. In case if you don’t have anything to hide, this style is an excellent option for you. Keep in your mind that short side swept bangs require well-groomed eyebrows.Short Side Swept BangsBob Haircut with Side Swept Bangs

The number of ways you can experiment with a bob cut is really limitless. If you want to upgrade your bob haircut, pair it with long side swept bangs. This trick will transform your silky smooth looks into a real beauty. Then you just need to give your strands a wonderful color combination of blue and pink to finish the look.Bob Haircut with Side Swept BangsShort Curled Hair with Side Bangs

Here the tresses have been cut to shoulder length to create a bob haircut. Well, a front bang has been swept to the side that also covers the half of the forehead. When it comes to the styling, you will need to curl and twist at the back and sides to add appeal. Balayage blonde highlights come in handy to give some life to the monotone strands. It is a cute style that is worth to pull off.Short Curled Hair with Side BangsLob Haircut with Side Swept Bangs

Lob is a little bit longer version of a traditional bob haircut. This cut flatters almost all face features but if you want to enhance the overall appearance of your lob opt for long side swept bangs. In this design the strands have a silky smooth look. The blonde color is also super adorable particularly when paired with silver highlights.Lob Haircut with Side Swept BangsBangs for Curly Hair

Here the locks are textured and curled to give them more shine. The front bangs are cut just below the eyebrows to add some more drama to the style. Note that bangs are thin, so don’t try to thicken them. I am sure with bangs like these any headdress will look even more interesting. Just try and you will not regret.Bangs for Curly Hair



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