Hottest Hairstyle Ideas of 2017

With a new year you get new ideas of upgrading your style. One of the most obvious ways to do that is getting a modern crop. Your haircut can totally change your appearance and feelings. For some women a new cut is a way to boost their confidence. Here we have found some inspiring looks for all ladies out there, regardless of natural texture and hair length. Keep reading, and pick your dream haircut for 2017.Hottest Hairstyle Ideas of 2017Wild and Free Texture

This is a beautiful statement haircut that is going to be a big trend in the upcoming seasons. Well, for super curly-haired ladies this is all about shape and balance. In case if you want to create a hairstyle like this, ask you stylist to set in a great shape, and then add some layer. You can shape the curls by slightly deconstructing them. The key to achieve this fantastic look is hidden behind the curls and hair product.  Wild and Free TextureLayered Curly Cut

According to hairstylists this layered chop is best for women with naturally curly hair. Layers help curls air-dry in better placement. So, in order to replicate it, ask your hairdresser to create layers depending on your texture. This particular style is all about texture. Wear your hair frizzy, curly and natural. Take advantage of doing nothing!Layered Curly CutSoft Undercut Hairstyle

Well, a soft undercut is meant to remove bulk from the interior and to add texture to the baseline. It is really a popular style and it will definitely be a big trend in 2017. In order to achieve it ask your hairdresser to go slightly shorter in the back with a soft undercut and lots of shaggy layers. For a simple styling, grab a 1.5-inch curling iron to accentuate the look and add loose ringlets without curling the roots or the tips of the strands. Finish with a texturizing spray.Soft Undercut HairstyleTextured Retro-Inspired Bob

This inspired bob is best suited for straight to wavy textures. It is a lovely yet sweet look approximately hitting the chin length with layers. For a bob like this, ask your stylist for subtle graduation and to keep the cut a slightly A-line. The styling is not as hard as you may think. With a blow dryer and small brush create bounce and then with the help of iron wave you locks. Brush out the curls and spray.Textured Retro Inspired BobMicro Afro

This haircut is for women who want to look trendy while maintaining their natural curls. It is a relatively short crop on highly textured hair which brings out the beauty of the face features. Apply some oil to hair overnight as a treatment and wash out in the morning to keep your mane soft and manageable.Micro Afro



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