Lovely Curly Hairstyles to Inspire Your Next Do

Having short hair doesn’t mean to give up on curly hair. In fact, curls provide with an outstanding look when worn on short hair. When you have curls naturally, you don’t need to think of any special style. To give you some really good ideas on short haircuts and curls combination, we have prepared the best short curly hairstyles. Find your inspiration among these amazing styles.Pixie with and Micro Curls

The following pixie is absolutely fearless. With naturally curly hair this pixie is bound to capture many hearts. The notion that short hairstyles are not for curly-haired ladies is in past. As you can see micro curls add a feminine touch to the style. Apart from it, these curls add volume that couldn’t be achieved with straight hair. However, regardless of your hair length, these curls require maintenance.Curly Bob Hairstyle

Unfortunately, there is no much room for short curly haircuts including the ones that are between pixies and bobs but the hairstyles provided by these crops are adorable. Any chin-length hairstyle will definitely make you end up with a sexy and ultra-ultra-feminine look. The statement is true both for mini and big waves. The greatest thing you can do with your short hair is to play around layers.Chin-Length Coils for Afro Women

We have nothing but admiration for this adorable bob. The short hair are styled in crazy coils to provide with volume. Apart from being beautiful, these coils lift the strands. It would be a beneficial style for those with thin hair. However, side coiled bangs also flatter the model’s face. Those who are blessed with these curls naturally, don’t need to think about anything.Messy Short Curls and Baby Bangs

It is a bit bold approach of the style that is great to wear if you are seeking attention. The advantage of the style is that you will not be irritated by the strands falling down your face. Perhaps you know that curls make the strands appear shorter, so here the same thing happened. For extra playfulness opt for chocolate brown hair highlights.Straight Cut Curly Bob

It is impossible not to fall for this style. Due to the straight, curls look gorgeous. If you don’t have these curls, you can use rollers. It is the easiest hairstyle that you may achieve. It requires curling your locks and sweeping to the side. Get the style for the most feminine and elegant look. 


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