Modern Shoulder-Gazing Hairstyles for 2017

We, women always look for hairstyles that are both easy to style and manageable. So, what can be better rather than medium-length headdresses? If you have shoulder-gazing strands you can try out various complicated and effortless hairstyles. You can go for braids, waves or updos that are easy to style. For a daily effortless look you can try beach waves or loose braids. However these pictures of modern mid-length hairstyles for 2017 will give you totally new ideas to style you hair. These models will convince that even with minimal styling you can still have an eye-grabbing look.Modern Shoulder-Gazing Hairstyles for 2017Lob Haircut

Lob haircut has been around us for years and it seems we are going to see them in 2017 as well. This cut is an excellent option for ladies who can’t decide between long and short locks. Straight lob haircut will give you a strong appearance and lob will accessorize your daily style. For a perfect straight look use your hair straightener while waviness can be achieved with the help of texturizing spray.Lob HaircutAngled Lob Haircut

If you find traditional lob haircuts boring and plain then go for an angled lob. This lob haircut is great for ladies who love to add an edgy touch to their look. Angled bob will also frame the face while bringing out the gorgeous facial features. In this case you will also need to have a good dye job. Keep in your mind that a modern haircut requires a good hair color.Angled Lob HaircutHair Flip

Flipped hairstyles are simply stunning. It is crazy to see how a simple movement of your locks may radically change your appearance. Flip hairstyles don’t even require any special styling since you can create the look both on your natural wavy and straight hair. Flip your hair left or right to create a cute hairdo for formal or casual events.Hair FlipUpdo for Medium Hair

There is a notion that medium-length hair owners cannot pull off an updo style, but the most attractive and feminine updos are being created on shoulder length hair. This picture is the best proof of my words. Use various bobby pins to secure your locks at the back of your head. However you can enhance your updo with some hair accessories.Updo for Medium HairBraids for Medium Hair

Perhaps you have already known that the boxer braids are the hottest trend of the year. Boxer braids can be worn everywhere- form gym to birthday parties. If you are good at braiding then you can also create a look like this. These boxer braids will definitely help you bring out the beauty of your dye job.Braids for Medium Hair



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