Short Hairstyles with Bangs for 2018

Bangs seem to create hairstyles that are never going to be outdated. Bangs may radically change up your look. Whenever you feel like wearing something different, just cut off your bangs and get your desired look. Well, bangs don’t require a huge commitment but they provide with a mind-blowing appearance, that is worth trying. If you keep on reading, you will see impressive short hairstyles with bangs for 2018. You will see that these two patterns create the best combination ever.short hairstyles and bangsLong Bangs and Pixie

Long bangs spiced up with a bold color takes a classic pixie a notch higher. One of the most important reasons to rock these bangs is that they tend to camouflage a big forehead. If you are also in dark shades but you are tired of your traditional black hair color, try a deep purple hue. I assure you it is impossible not to stand out in the crowd wearing all these patterns together.purple pixie and bangsRed Pixie and Straight Bangs

No way to go bolder! This fun yet catchy hair color perfectly elevates the pixie. The bold and vibrant red hair color looks exceptionally cool with light skin tone. It creates a vivid contrast that is perfect. It definitely helps turn heads and get many memorable moments. As for styling, use your fingers to give the pixie a spiky like effect. The bangs look a lot better when styled in a straight style.  Rugged and Relaxed Pixie 

This style is not for soft-heart ladies. It features an undercut that is highly popular among men and women. The crop works pretty cool on women with triangular face.

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