Stacked Bob Hairstyles for 2018

Stacked bob is a timeless crop that is evolving day by day. It seems women around the world, don’t have an intention to give up on this crop. Well, that’s just amazing because this cut is not only low-maintenance but also trendy. Stacked bobs are possible to style in many ways and you don’t need to limit yourself only with several options. Read on and discover the best variations of stacked bob hairstyles for 2018.bobPastel Stacked Bob

It is a great idea to start with a gorgeous stacked- bob like this. The choppy layering of the bob is one of the most impressive details that make it stand out. They add movement and dimension throughout the locks. Another thing that needs to be discussed is a sophisticated hair color. It is a mix of silver, purple and blue tones that are blended through color-melting technique.Pastel Stacked BobStacked Chin Length Bob

If you are looking for a more elegant and polished look, we highly recommend you going for a chin length bob like this. The best thing about this style is that it is neither long nor short. You can pull it off both casually and formally. This enchanting hairstyle will impress every time and you will never regret for rocking a catchy hairstyle like this.Stacked Chin Length BobChoppy Stacked Bob

Create your dreamy hairstyle, using this picture as a great source of inspiration. It is a modern take on a traditional stacked bob haircut. It will give you plenty of attitude and confidence. Feel free to tease your locks to get enough volume and movement. However, modern hairstyles look a lot better in a messy pattern rather than polished.Choppy Stacked BobGinger Red Bob

It doesn’t matter whether you have natural ginger locks or not, just go and get this style. The thing is that it looks just wonderful. This practical hairstyle is a blend between edginess, naturality and sexiness. Indeed, this headdress is for women that are daring. However, note that the bob uses layers in different lengths. Want to stand out? Ask your hairstylist for this marvelous style.Ginger Red BobInverted Stacked Bob

Here is a little bit extreme style of inverted bob that draws much attention. The stacked bob has plenty of texture and volume. It was achieved with the help of layers. Another thing that grabbed our attention is the shade. It is a mix of blonde and black tones that provide with contrast. If you want to achieve exactly this style, show this picture to your hairstylist.Inverted Stacked Bob

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