Stylish Pageboy Hairstyle Ideas for 2017

Well, pageboy is a hairstyle consisting of a shoulder-length bob with the ends rolled under. A pageboy style is again back. This short cut paired with bangs frames the face beautifully and provides a unique look. It’s a great hairstyle idea for mature women because of its low-maintenance and bold look. Trendy pageboy cut will definitely highlight your personality. There are various techniques and styling choices plus it’s an excellent way for experimenting with a classic look. Below you can see modern updates for stylish pageboy hairstyle ideas for 2017.Stylish Pageboy Hairstyle Ideas for 2017Easy Haircut with Color

Color matters a lot! The best way to update your pageboy haircut is to give it a trendy shade. This particular design may serve as a source of inspiration. It requires mixing some pastel shades such as lavender, pink and gray to modernize the retro inspired hairdo. However you will also need to achieve a cool-girl look by slightly teasing your hair at the roots. Keep in your mind that Bedhead look is still in demand.Easy Haircut with ColorShort Bob with Baby Bangs

Add some interest to your style by choosing an edgy cut from the magazines. Have you ever thought of combining different textures? Well, that will provide you with a unique and chic headdress. This funky cut is for those who want to accentuate their face features. Some well-placed highlights are great to brighten up your look and add a cool touch to your strands.    Short Bob with Baby BangsPageboy Cut with Blunt Bangs

This particular cut is for brave heart girls who are full of confidence. It requires some skills to pull off this bold and extreme version of pageboy cut. This gorgeous cut has a royal blue shade that makes the wearer stand out from the crowd. Let’s not forget about razored sides and blunt bangs too. You can even add some layers to make your cut even more sophisticated.Pageboy Cut with Blunt BangsLonger Cut with Bangs

Ladies with long bob can also experiment with the pageboy cut. It is the best way to embrace your natural texture and give your locks fullness and extra volume. Short blunt bangs are the spice of the look. Try to style your strands in a messy pattern and have a retro glam. It is a style that will make you stand out from the crowd and speak about your preferences.Longer Cut with BangsShort Platinum Cut with Colored Bangs

It is an ultra-short round cut with nape undercut. It is a way to add a modern touch to the mushroom style. It looks like a pageboy cut that has a gorgeous platinum shade. The pastel shade of the bangs adds an edgy touch to the style. Want to grab attention? Pull off this style.   Short Platinum Cut with Colored Bangs



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