Top 10 Winning Haircuts and Hair Colors of 2017

Blunt Bob 2017Side Swept Pixie

Short haircut lovers will definitely appreciate this look. Try to keep the layers longer in the front as it provides numerous styling possibilities – from side parted to swept-back in a high pompadour. Apply for hair gels for a neat and polish finish.Side Swept PixieBronze Ombre Hair Color

Is it true that the bronze hair color came to replace contrasting platinum on brunette scheme? Whatever, a metallic bronze finish will definitely give a subtle effect to your locks and add an extra touch of warmth to your skin. Consider a rich base with a hint of chocolate that gets lighter towards the tips.Bronze Ombre Hair ColorRich Auburn Hair Color

Neither too cool nor too warm, a natural auburn base is what you need to spice up your look. It is a right tone for everyone regardless of natural texture and complexion. As the color is pretty vibrant it is recommended using conditioners. It tends to fade faster than any other shade but hair products will help you keep it fresh till your next appointment.Rich Auburn Hair Color for 2017Tousled Lob/Bob

The tousled look of lob/bob has been popular for decades. Modern women appreciate this look even more as it is a low-maintenance style. For a low-key finish, opt for strategically placed layers that look equally stunning either styled or blow-dried.Tousled Lob Bob for 2017Caramel Brunette

The color is pretty delicate, but it is there. The natural brunette hair with a touch of caramel works well with the gorgeous skin tone. This example proves that natural hair colors are still super trendy and everyone loves them.Caramel BrunetteRose Gold Hair Color

Whether it is true that the subtle rose gold is going to be a new black in 2017? Recently so many celebrities turned to rose gold or pink hair colors that we have no other way to think. Instead of a pastel pink on blonde base the new rose gold hair color incorporates warm copper hues.rose gold hair colorLayered Bangs

Bring your bangs back in a layered form as they are involved into the list of winning hairstyles of 2017. Ask your stylist for a length that just hits the brow area so you will have a chance to rock them either side swept or at the front.Platinum Blonde Hair Color

Platinum blonde goals! Lots of brunettes have already crossed over to the lighter end of the spectrum now it’s your turn. Ask your colorist to find the exact shade that flatters your skin complexion. Those with cool skin tones can perfectly rock icy shades while women with warmer tones should consider going for honey tint.Platinum Blonde Hair Color

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