Whimsical Bowl Haircuts for 2017

Bowl cuts have been known as old-fashioned and boring styles that were totally ignored by trendsetters. Recently we can see that these cuts are back again in a new way. Today I am going to represent 2017 whimsical bowl haircuts that are ultra-feminine and extra-stylish. Here you can find from classic and elegant to bold bowl cuts that fetch attention. To make your cut sassier you will need to switch up the color too. Want some inspiration? Then go on reading to have some new ideas to wear your bowl cut.Whimsical Bowl Haircuts for 2017Yellow Bowl Haircut

Neon colors and short cuts are a winning combination of the season. The long bangs partially conceal the ear and adorn just above the eyebrows in a sexily unkempt manner. No one can resist the attraction of the bright shade of yellow that is going to be great when paired with stylish makeup.

yellow bowl haircut for 2017

yellow bowl haircut for 2017

Bold Bowl Haircut

A slight asymmetry works well to make a dull look even more interesting. The cut of the fringe is delicate and accurate with various hair lengths being put into the design to create a bold and straightforward look. On the back of the buzzed undercut it is possible to see the blonde hair with copper highlights.

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