2017 Braided Hairstyles from Runway Shows

Braids are always in trend and they are evolving with the passage of time. This year runway shows were full of braids, from whimsical to ethereal. There is a tendency of combining braids with updos. Whether you like it or not, but braids look incredible combined with buns and knots. However, there are numerous ways to enhance the appearance of your braid. If you are looking for braided hairstyles, then check out 2017 braided hairstyles from runway shows and get inspired from. The most important thing is that they are easy to sport and can be rocked everywhere.2017 Braided Hairstyles from Runway ShowsDior: Braided Knots

The hairstylist of Dior established the topknots by adding four inverted plaits at the base of each girl’s head. While creating this fancy hairstyle, the stylist kept in her mind the theme of skater girl. The chokers wrapped around the model’s neck helped to complete street punks inspired look. However, this is not a complicated design and everyone can replicate it if they put a bit of effort. This headdress is among the latest trends, so it’s going to be a hit of the season.braided knots dior 2017

dior braided knots

dior braided knots 2017Valentino: Romantic Braids

Valentino offers very romantic and very desirable looks. The main goal was to bring ethereal fairies back from the tales and Valentino’s stylists perfectly overcame the derived issues. Models’ shoulder gazing curls have been transformed into long feminine plaits and give impression like they have never been cut. Everything seems to be perfect: airy texture, volume and even a few face framing strands. Keeping the things simple, Valentino proved that this beauty is timeless.valentino romantic braids 2017

valentino braided hairstyleChanel: Whimsical Braids

Chanel is more up to whimsical faux braids. You can see large triple –black and traditional inspired crowns that resemble a hat. The hair is center parted and big faux braids have been placed on the head. The overall looks of models remind us of cartoon creatures. However, these whimsical braids can be used to stand out of the crowd.  chanel braids 2017

chanel braidsSimone Rocha: Two Takes on Plaits

The hairstylist of Simone Rocha turned to the timeless schoolgirl braids, placing the twin tails on the crown of the head to create an illusion of a blurred ponytail. The models’ thin bangs and flyaway hairs were given a wet texture and left across the forehead in a childlike gesture. These ponytails are meant to make a fashion statement and they are again in trend. However, you can pair it with various outfits.

cool simone rocha braids

simone rocha two takes on plaits

simone rocha plaits



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