Attractive Long Blonde Hairstyles for 2017

Long blonde hair features the elegance and femininity of a woman. Whether you have straight or curly hair blonde will always look attractive on you regardless of your complexion or face shape. You need to focus on a right hairstyle that works well for you and also to make sure that the blonde hair is used in an attractive pattern. If you are planning to wear this shade, then have a look at these 2017 long blonde hairstyles that you can try out in the coming seasons.Attractive Long Blonde Hairstyles for 2017Casual Braided Hairstyle

In this design the blonde and brown color melt to create a fantastic shade. However the styling is what makes the model draw attention. It requires pulling all the hair to one side and knit the strands into a cute casual braid. Leave it hanging over the shoulder and your top-notch look is ready to fascinate everyone.casual braided hairstyleBronde Half Updo

Amber blonde is fantastic for ladies who prefer to keep the dark shade of their mane. The effect of sombre is also great and it starts from dark base and continues with the blend of amber and blonde. The styling involves knitting some of the strands over the rest to create an eye-catching half up half down hairstyle.bronde half updo for 2017Blonde Ombre and French Braid

A cute braid like this uses all the strands and creates an elegant hairstyle for all those lovely ladies. It requires knitting the locks into a massive French braid that falls down the back. But apart from styling the strands also have a cute color design that involves transitioning from a brunette base to a blend of brown and blonde shades.blonde ombre and french braid for 2017Effortless Blonde Ponytail

As soon as you get the color right, you can create the easiest hairstyles and still have a hot and attractive look. In this design both the color and the styling are pretty easy. To achieve this shade you need to hand-paint your hair with golden blonde hue, while keeping the roots dark for some contrast. To finish the design you should pull your hair back and secure them into a simple pony.effortless blonde ponytail for 2017Blonde Top Knot

Are you looking for a sharp and elegant hairdo? Then have a look at this top knot. It is a stylish design that you can get by pulling your strands to the center of the head and securing them into a tight knot. The color is one of those important elements that make this updo look charming and it involves blending baby pink with a white blonde hue.blonde top knotOutstanding Mini Braids

These wavy strands have a sparkle of gold that gives them an attractive shade. With this color you don’t need to do much to look elegant. The center part completely controls the long wavy hair and two Dutch braids help to create a top-notch design.micro braids



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