Bridesmaid Hairstyles You May Want to Try in 2018

Being a bridesmaid is not an easy task as you need to think about your look more than others. A bridesmaid should look as beautiful as the bride. Well, everything starts from a good hairstyle and outfit. If you chose these two patterns then you have already passed the test. In order to make your task a bit easier, we have selected some bridesmaid hairstyles that you may want to try in 2018. bridesmaids hairstylesDifficult Double Ponytail 

After figuring out the technique of achieving this ponytail you will see that it is a lot easier to get than it seems. The style requires taking the upper half of the hair in a ponytail and incorporate that tail as you make the  second ponytail on the lower part of your strands. Next step is to fold the connected tails back onto themselves tucking the ends into create a tiny loop. If you are still confused about this style just show this picture to your hairstylist. double ponytail Half Up Half Down Natural ‘Do 

No granny would decide to rock a hairstyle like this, but it is a youthful style that you should take into consideration. You can turn this effortless half updo into something chic by pairing with statement earrings. It is a solution for short haired ladies that are not into sophisticated updo designs or loose styles. This hairdo doesn’t require money or time. It is just a no-maintenance style.  half updoHigh Sleek Bun and Hair Accessory 

Ballerina bridesmaids would definitely choose this option. It is a high bun that is not perfectly polished but it looks absolutely stunning with lovely headbands. The overall look is totally in theme. Even if you don’t have a chic dress, this hairdo will definitely take things a notch higher. Give it a try and forget about complected updos and down-dos.  bun hairstyle with headbandUpdo and Black Ribbon 

Black ribbons are everywhere. Any hairstyle looks twice better when paired with a simple black ribbon. This retro -inspired accessory is trendy like nothing else. It can be worn both with downdos and updos. When it comes to this particular style, you need to create a sleek and polished bun and adorn it with a lovely black ribbon. Add a formal vibe to the look with a pair of earrings and a gorgeous gown. Braided Bun 

Buns are totally in theme when it comes to bridesmaids hairstyles. Another way to rock a bun is to pair it with a braid. Achieve the style yourself by braiding your locks and twisting into a bun. Note that the front part of the bun is perfectly sleek and neat. You can get the same result by using a generous amount of hair products. 

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