Casual Bun Hairstyles

Some hairstyles are timeless, ultra-flattering and suitable for variety of hair types. Bun hairstyle is one of them. Be that loose bun, wavy bun, curly bun or something in between, the options are limitless. Buns can be modern, conservative, vintage or something else based on your outfit and personal preference. The best thing about these hairstyles is that they keep the strands out of the face. Buns can be perfectly paired with braids, twists or other elements. If you love to rock your hair in a bun and you are looking for some inspiration then you will definitely appreciate these pictures.Casual Bun HairstylesBack Braided Bun

Many bun hairstyles incorporate braids or twists. This braided bun style stands out and it is modern way to pull it off. You should start braiding right from the nape of the neck. It can be Dutch braid or regular braid depended on your braiding skills. Keep the bun in a messy style, since it looks even more flattering and feminine. By the way this headdress will bring out your color pattern as well.Back Braided BunHalf up half Down Casual Bun

If you are blessed with natural thick hair type, here is a way to sport a bun and show off your natural texture. The half up half down hairstyle is the best and this adorable style proves that. Some sections of the strands are pulled up while the rest has been curled. You can create this trending bun within 3 minutes. Note that it looks gorgeous on ombred locks.Half up half Down Casual BunAfro Buns

What can look fleshier and cooler rather than Afro buns? Buns have never looked as adorable as it does here. The buns have been created on natural curly texture. It is a modern update of traditional bun look. This particular headdress is an excellent option for Afro American women, who are blessed with natural kinky texture but women of other ethnicities can also recreate it.Afro bunsBow Bun

You can use your creativity to make your updo even more interesting and attention grabbing. Here is the best inspiration! It entails creating a big messy bow at the top of the head. Some tendrils are left at the front for a feminine vibe. Actually everyone can create a bow, since it is pretty easy- you just need to learn the technique. Cute bun hairstyles are taking on new forms nowadays, and we truly love that.  Bow BunCasual Half up Hairdo with Middle Braid

This half up half down bun features a very thick middle braid. A loose thick plait is the best way to accentuate the bun that sits right on the crown. You don’t have to overdo it since it looks better when the things are pretty massed up. Give the rest of strands waves or keep straight!Casual Half up Hairdo with Middle Braid



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