Easy Side Braided Hairstyles for 2017

Today we are going to represent side braid hairstyles for 2017 that are simply irresistible. Side braid hairdos require braiding the hair to dip over the shoulder that can either be achieved using all the strands or just a small section of locks. Any braiding style is welcomed- from three strand method to the French or Dutch technique. A side braid is an excellent style to create a romantic look particularly when you combine it with bangs or hair accessories. You can wear such hairstyles both formally and casually.Easy Side Braided Hairstyles for 2017Fishtail Braid

All ladies are looking for easy and effortless hairstyles that will help them look cool. What can be better than a simple side braided fishtail? In this style the model’s strands have been brushed to the side and braided into a simple fishtail. There are also a few flyaways within the style as well as loose strands on top that add a carefree feel to the style. Fishtail BraidCute Wedding Style with Side Braid

A Side braid can be rocked on your big day as well. This model has incredible white blonde hair with dark roots which has been pulled off into a romantic wedding style. Well, the strands have been styled into a loose plait that hangs over her shoulder with sections of loose hair in front which have a subtle wave.  The braiding method used is the fishtail technique. Everything about this style is super cute and feminine.Cute Wedding Style with Side BraidVoluminous Side Braid

This option is exceptionally beautiful on females with thick and long hair. The stylist has used the model’s shiny brown locks to create a gorgeous cascading braid on the side of the head. It starts with a Dutch braid and finishes with the fishtail. The hair has been quite tightly braided and flyaways were tamed. It is the best way to keep the strands out of your face.Voluminous Side BraidSide Braid for Kinky Hair

If you are blessed with kinky hair, this headdress will definitely please you. Braids and curls work really well together and provide with an extravagant style like this one. This example of a side braid involves curly texture that looks incredible when it is kept quite tight. There are still a few flyaway strands that give a messy touch to the style. You can go either for a regular braid or wear something more complicated.Side Braid for Kinky HairFrench Fishtail

Have you ever tried to mix several braids? The French and fishtail techniques create a stunning side swept look. Well, to create this look you should have some braiding skills. The locks on the top have been loosened- it helps the style look thicker and more carefree. You don’t have to worry if some parts become undone.French Fishtail



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