Hottest Cornrow Braid Hairstyles for 2018

When talking about braids the first thing that come into our mind is Afro braids. These braids are inspiring for everyone that doesn’t want to wear her hair loose. It goes without saying that Afro braids are versatile but today we have focused on cornrow braids that may provide with numerous up-styles and down-styles. Go on reading and explore the hottest cornrow braid hairstyles for 2018. Braids and Golden Beads 

You will hardly find something more sophisticated than cornrow braids. The golden beads added to the braids make them more feminine and sexy. In fact cornrow braids are highly popular among Afro-American women but it is just the right moment to personalize it for yourself as well. This natural hairstyle is just a great idea for ladies that are not into damaging heating tools. Cornrows and Halo Braid

Mix as many types of braids as you wish. That will cause a mind-blowing hairstyle that no one else wears. Halo braid has always seduced women with their sophisticated yet ultra-feminine look. The plait is not only a beautiful way to take your strands out of your face, but it is also an incredible option to protect your locks. Here is an example of a halo braid that is paired with macro and micro braids. Simple Cornrow Braids 

If you are not into sophisticated cornrow designs, then go ahead with a simple look. Here is an absolutely amazing way to get cornrows. These cornrows are possible to turn into any hairstyle you want, including bun, ponytail, half updo etc. However, note that loose cornrows are no less gorgeous.  Show your hairdresser this picture and ask for the same look. Cornrow and Large Updo 

Want to get a a huge bun like this? Well, that’s easy if you have cornrows. All you need to do is to weave your locks into cornrows and then twist into a huge bun on the top of your head. It is a great hairstyle option for those hot summer days. Impress people surrounding you with a great hairdo like this.Large Feed-In Cornrows 

You can’t go wrong with a unique hairstyle like this. It is impossible not to fall in love with a hairdo. The thick braids are enhanced with gold strings. The headdress is all about details. Note that lovely baby hairs also create an ultra-feminine look. You can wear this hairstyle either casually or formally. 

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