Hottest High Ponytails to Try Now

High ponytails are regarded as one of the most stylish hairstyles that are available for all ladies out there. High ponies look like conventional ones but require longer hair to get it right. You can apply hair extensions to make your pony extra long and super feminine. There are many variations of high ponytails from the simple one to one with lots of volume. What about braided ponytails? They are as irresistible as others. However complicated braids will provide with a unique pony. Need some inspiration? Well, below I have selected some signature high ponytails.   Hottest High Ponytails to Try NowUplifted High Ponytail

For an extra length like this you will need to apply hair extension, since it will provide you with lots of length. The hair has been pulled up and tied into a top knot, like the one we usually do at home, and from it the extensions stretch. The extensions are given a slight boost at the base. This pony has several tones of blonde that look great when combined together.Uplifted High PonytailSleek Ponytail

This style sports a nice slick back hair that transforms into a long ponytail knotted at the crown. This extra long ponytail stretches below the back. You will need to straighten you locks and then create a pony like this. Rock it either with your natural brown shade or go for something new and fresh. However, some highlights will definitely enhance the overall appearance of your pony.

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