Luscious Twist Hairstyles for Black Women

If you are a black woman and you are pretty tired to wear pull off curly, braided or wavy hairstyles then it is the highest moment to try out twist hairstyles. Actually twists are an alternative to braids but compared with braids, twists are quicker and easier to make which is crucial for women who are run out of time. Twists make a great base for various hairstyles too. There are so many types of twists such as kinky twists, Marley twists, Havana twists and Senegalese twists. However you are free to choose the size and the type of your twists. Go on reading to see some examples!Luscious Twist Hairstyles for Black WomenBlonde Twist Buns

Twisted hairstyles like this are bold yet super charming. We can clearly see where the hair is attached but both the color and the styling are incredible. This headdress requires using hair extension for a better look. However creating two big buns on top of the head isn’t a big deal. Note that the extensions can be in your favorite color. Choose the most vibrant options for you!Blonde Twist BunsUltra-Long Twists with Updo

For a more bohemian inspired vibe opt for ultra-long twists. Everyone can replicate this headdress regardless of natural texture and hair length. If you choose a kinky texture you can perfectly mimic the appearance of traditional dreadlocks. Pair your carefree and nonchalant style with a whimsical detail like a bulky bow. With a headdress like this you will definitely stand out in the crowd.Ultra Long Twists with UpdoBraided Style with Jumbo Twists

Why choose only twists when you can combine them with braids for a better look? This particular hairstyle entails blending thin cornrows in an intricate design, jumbo Marley twists and a Mohawk for some more fun. Definitely it is not a hairstyle for professional environment but you can pull it off for various parties.Braided Style with Jumbo TwistsLow Bun with Twists

I have already mentioned that twists make an excellent base for different hairstyles and here is the best example. This is a polished hairdo that is just great for black-tie wedding. In this style the mini twists have been pulled into a low bun. However when you look closer you will notice that the twists have a braid effect. The violet hair color helps take the overall look a notch higher.Low Bun with TwistsDark Twisted Braids

There are so many versions of twisted styles but this long one is just striking due to a single eye-catching blue streak against the back twisted hair. If you want to add a colorful accent to your hair this is a great idea for you. The choice of the color is up to you but try to choose something that will add vibrancy to your strands.Dark Twisted Braids



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