Pretty To Knot Hairstyles for 2017

There are certain hairstyles that are flattering and easy-going plus they will never be called outdated and you can wear them for various occasions. One of those hairstyles is a top knot that works for everyone regardless of natural texture and hair type. Top knots are the easiest and quickest hairstyles. If you think that there is only one way to sport your top knot then I will inform you that you are mistaken. There are ways to personalize it and express your individual style. Be a bit creative and no one else will have a top knot like you. Take a single look to these pretty top knot hairstyles for 2017 and you will understand everything.Pretty To Knot Hairstyles for 2017Back Braided Top Knot

If you want to make a fashion statement and turn the heads, consider this option. This top knot will express your personal style particularly when you decide to add some pastel shades to the updo. However the most interesting element of this design is the braid that starts from the nape of the neck and reaches to the crown. The braid is finished with a messy bun on the top of the head and the pastel shades accessorize the knot.Back Braided Top KnotSleek Top Knot

You can go either for messy or sleek top knots since they are equally gorgeous. With an ultra sleek and classic knot you can go everywhere. In case if you want to achieve a perfect sleek top knot use strong pomade that will tame unruly strands. By the way this headdress can be worn on medium-length hair too.Sleek Top KnotTop Knot for Shorter Hair

This top knot is for ladies with short hair. As you see it is not necessary to have long strands to wear a top knot or an updo. You just need to have enough length to pull your hair up and secure into a top knot. You can even add a little bit of sophistication to your headdress by wearing full bangs. However feel free to sport this updo both casually and formally.Top Knot for Shorter HairBraided Front Top Knot

There are so many ways to incorporate braids with top knots. Here we have three simple plaits braided as cornrows. The braids are running toward the crown and make a gorgeous top knot with the rest of strands. Well, this headdress is all about braids, if you are good at braiding then you will easily re-create it.Braided Front Top KnotTop Knot with Dreadlocks

This top knot is popular particularly among black women because dreadlocks are perfect to bring out the beauty of their natural texture. There is nothing easier than creating an updo with dreads. These rich burgundy-colored dreads are formed into a neat top knot with a bang-like section that falls off to one side.  Everything about this style is flawless.Top Knot with Dreadlocks



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