Stylish Updos for Medium Hair in 2018

Indeed, females have a plethora of hairstyles to choose from-it’s endless. Regardless of whether you have long or short, thin or thick hair, you have to find something that accentuates your nature and inner world. Like any hair length medium hair also has its cons and pros but you still have plenty of hairdos to sport. When it comes to updos, medium length can really show a beautiful image. Here we have found some stylish updos for medium hair in 2018 – check them out.Messy High Bun

Messy high bun is always in style. It’s a quick fix if you are having a bad hair day.The style gathers all your locks high and gives you a carefree look. It’s the easiest hairdo that ladies with medium hair may consider. You can accessorize it wit a lovely headband to give it a modern vibe. To create the style you need a paddle brush, teasing comb, hair elastic, light hold hairspray and don’t forget about a headband.Bun with Side Braid

Here is another upstyle that you are going to fall in love with if you are into classic looks. This delicate updo is great for accentuating your femininity. You can sport this bun for special occasions such as parties, weddings, receptions. It is the most carefree and cute updo to achieve. Loose Low Bun 

It is a very casual yet formal hairstyle for women with medium hair. This effortless hairstyle is also great for businesswomen. The bun is surely a traffic stopper. Apart from being beautiful, it is also an easy style to achieve. For the look you need to prepare your hair elastic, hair pins and fine comb. Make sure to tousle your locks for a better hair design. Dutch Braid Updo 

Bold is beautiful and this hairdo is loud and powerful and it gives plenty of confidence to the wearer. Try the bun high and the head-spinner look is guaranteed. When it comes to creating the style you just need to gather your hair at the top of your crown and tie it with a hair elastic. Then braid your hair in a Dutch braid secure with an elastic. Finish the look by by twisting the braid in a bun.Inverted Braided Bun 

Braids are fun, particularly when paired with updos. Modern women prefer to wear their updos with different kinds of braids. The following hairdo is esy to wear and it doesn’t require much time and effort to achieve. We offer you to accessorize your bun with inverted braids.  

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