Supper Pretty Long Hairstyles for 2017

2017 long hair allows you to go for various experiments and pull off the craziest and trendiest hairstyles. This year ultra-long strands is a hot thing and some women even try to use hair extensions or wings to mimic ultra-long locks. We are here to explore some cool hairstyles for long-haired ladies and find out whether it is true or not that most of females want to have extremely long strands. Get inspired with these ideas on how to experiment with longer hair- from lazy-girl bedheads to glamorous and chic updos and hairdos.Supper Pretty Long Hairstyles for 2017Chic Hair Ribbon

If you are ready to go back to the school style then this option is definitely for you. School-girl ribbon has never failed us in the style department. Probably it is the best way to break up a head full of hair without doing anything at all. A simple ribbon will help you to keep your strands out of your face and have a chic and ultra-feminine hairstyle.Chic Hair RibbonSuper High Ponytail

Go for layers and make it dramatic with super high ponytail. If you are not blessed with ultra-long strands then consider hair extension that will definitely provide with lots of volume. Nowadays everything is possible even transformation form short strands to long ones. For a high pony like this, you will need to pull your strands up and secure into a pony where the headband is covered with a small hair section.Super High PonytailBraids for Long Hair

There are really many ways to achieve long locks when all your attempts to grow out your mane have been failed. You don’t really need to feel frustrated because there really alternative ways to have long locks. Below we can see gorgeous Zoe Kravitz who perfectly demonstrates the beauty of braided extensions. If you have always desired extra-long braids like these then go ahead!Braids for Long HairLong Mermaid Hair

Actually mermaid hair is always being associated with crazy pastel colors but to wake up your inner mermaid you don’t have to go for delicious pastels or bright shades since super-long wavy hair will be more than enough. It is a style to make a fashion statement and it is a style to make people leave the coolest comments. Style your strands into waves or curls to complete your eternal look.Long Mermaid HairHighlighted Long Locks

Sometimes you don’t need to do anything else rather than switching up your hair color. In this style the waves are as awesome as the highlights. Simple highlighted streaks change the overall look and provide with the most charming appearance ever. You can also give your strands a Hollywood glum.Highlighted Long Locks



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