Unique Braided Hairstyles for 2017

Braids are very practical and they are gorgeous addition for any hairdo. The headdresses that involve several types of braids look sophisticated and they make a great hairstyle for any occasion. The most popular types of braids are fishtail, cornrow, Dutch, three-strand, French braids and etc. Braids are great for any hair type and hair length and they can be adopted by everyone. So today I have put together some unique braided hairstyles for 2017. Just check them out!Unique Braided Hairstyles for 2017Viking Style Triple Braid

This Viking inspired braid is pretty easy to pull off. The center section of the hair has been divided into three portions. Each portion is loosely cornrow braided. Then these three are joined at the middle part of the head and secured. The triple braid is matched with beautiful waves to complete the ethereal appearance. Jewel blonde shade comes in handy to show off the beauty of the braids.Viking Style Triple BraidDutch Braid with French Rope Twist

This headdress requires two types of braids: Dutch and French. The Dutch braid with a French rope twist works really well. Apart from creative braiding the hair also has a beautiful pastel shade. It is pink and peach however if you look closer you will notice some other tones too. This braid is one of those that seem complicated but in real you can easily pull it off and it is a design to gain many compliments.Dutch Braid with French Rope TwistTop Knot with French Braid

This hairstyle is for all crazy ladies out there. It involves two French braids that start from the bottom of the hairline and go up to end in a top knot at the center of the head. The adorable pastel color makes the braided knot pop up. However for the color you will need to use several shades of rainbow, but with this headdress you will never get bored.Top Knot with French BraidDutch Braid Flower

To give a description to this braid you just need three words: Easy, Sweet and Gorgeous. If you want to replicate it you will need to go for a Dutch braid. So, the Dutch braid reaches from the front gathering the hair from the top and twisting into a soft hair flower in the center of the head. The headdress forms a beautiful half up half down design and looks pretty flattering. However, the blonde shade gives it an extra pop.Dutch Braid FlowerSilver Fishtail Crown Braid

If you think that you cannot create an attention grabbing braid on your bob, then you need to look at this sumptuous crown braid. It is not a simple bob it has a magical silver shade with a hint of ink blue. The crown has been done with the help of two fishtail braids. The braids have been joined at the back and secured to form a crown-like design. You can even accessorize your crown.     Silver Fishtail Crown Braid



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