Voluminous Hairstyle Ideas for Everyone

Voluminous CurlsVoluminous Pigtails

Voluminous pigtails look no less stylish and striking. Pigtails will give you girly vibes. All that you need to do is to tease your strands to achieve volume and then secure them in two pigtails. Don’t try to create them super sleek as they look better in messy pattern. This is actually a great second-day look and it is an excellent option for all lazy ladies out there.Voluminous PigtailsVoluminous Braid

Braids are having a moment right now. A puffed-up side braid is an unexpected way to experiment with the style. This look is also about achieving volume and texture. Like in previous styles, here also you don’t need to overdo your braid. Try to remember the messier, the better. Go ahead with a three- strand braid and make a fashion statement.Voluminous BraidSide Parted Voluminous Hair

A side part is great to give volume to your tresses. When it comes to this style, you will need to create it by applying hair mousse to it and drawing a side part. As you can see it is possible to achieve volume on different textures and straight hair is not an exception as well.Side Parted Voluminous Hair

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