Women’s Bold Undercut Hairstyles for 2017

Undercuts can be sharp or ultra-feminine depending on how you decide to style them. It is not a secret that undercuts are popular among men but luckily the hair stylists have adopted the funky and fancy hairstyle to suit most of women. Undercuts can be perfectly matched with pixies, bobs, medium-length strands, long strands, buns and etc. If you thing that you are ready to wear a cut that is ultra-daring then check out women’s bold undercut hairstyles for 2017.Women’s Bold Undercut Hairstyles for 2017Tapered Pixie

Perhaps this feminine pixie is the best way to show off your gorgeous facial features. Everything in this style is just adorable-the contrast between light brown and black shades adds a trendy touch to the style. Apart from the gorgeous shades, the strands also have a cute cut and styling that involves tapering the back and styling the hair on the top into a messy design.Tapered PixieCropped and Hot Pixie

The various shades of this pixie soften the overall look and make it more fun. However these tones are not enough to turn it into a classic hairdo. The short strands have an adorable crop cut that makes the wearer look very hot and sexy and tapered sides and back enhance the appearance of the short locks. This sparkling look will definitely help you stand out.Cropped and Hot PixieUndercut with Updo

Some of you may think it is a complicated headdress, but as soon as you figure it out, you can easily style it. First of all you should be ready to shave the back into a faded triangular undercut. After that, create a braid and then pull it with the rest of hair to the center of the head where you should secure them into a top knot. The best thing is that when you untie your strands, the undercut will be covered.Undercut with UpdoBold Undercut with Braid

Each element of this design is well-thought! Red shade creates a lovely design but if you want to have a top-notch style, you should consider shaving one side then introducing medium size twist. When it comes to the rest of the strands, a simple brush back is enough to complete the look. However the black undercut and red strands create a contrast that is pretty visible.Bold Undercut with BraidUndercut with Pigtail Buns

Pigtail buns are in mainstream, but there are always some other ways to spice them up. Everyone can sport double knots but not all will be ready to pair it with a bold undercut. These adorable buns are easy to create and require having some medium or long locks. They also have an undercut with some razor lines that add extra beauty to the style. For a flattering touch, leave some tendrils at the front part.Undercut with Pigtail Buns



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