2016 Sleek Bun Hairstyles

You have tried all the types of bun hairstyles and need some inspiration to liven them up. Here are sleek bun hairstyles for 2016 which are very elegant, smooth and cozy. Compared with simple and common bun hairstyles these are rather festive and can be worn for various special occasions. All you need is just choosing the right styles for your hair length and type. So, let’s go!sleek bun hairstyles 2016Sleek Side Part Low Bun Hairstyle

I am here to tell you that side part hairstyles are in thing in 2016 and they are worn on short, medium and long hairstyles equally. This is a sleek low bun hairstyle with a side parting which makes it even more attractive. You can choose this hairstyle if you want to have a kind of side swept bang effect on your hairdo. Side parting will provide you with this look.low sleek bun for short hair 2016High Sleek Top Knot Hairstyle

Though this is a sleek high knot hairstyle but it’s soft due to the candy cotton style. Many try this hairstyle to show off the subtleness of their locks and to get a girlish look. It seems as if you create a stunning contrast between sleekness and messiness.high sleek bun hairstyle 2016Sleek Bun with Poof

You don’t need to comb all your hair smoothly to get the desired sleek effect. You can just get a tight bun and combine it with an eye-catching poof. This is easier to get on medium to long hair with long bangs. You keep your front locks away from your face and draw attention to your pretty face.sleek bun with quiff 2016Low Sleek Side Bun Hairstyleside swept bun hairstyle 2016Ladies who want to look very classy and elegant as well as romantic should go for the low side bun. This is a cool hairdo to choose for your date night and to match with a natural-looking makeup. As a neat and comfy party hairstyle low sleek side bun is just incredible.low side sleek bun 2016Low Sleek Middle Part Bun Hairstylesleek low bun 2016Girls and mature women who want to look younger and cuter opt for center part hairstyles. Be it in a loose or in an updo form it is very subtle. So, take examples from celebrities who love to rock middle part bun hairstyles.medium sleek center part bun 2016Sleek Half Bun Hairstyle

Sleek half bun is an easy to do hairstyle for casual days. You may pick it for your second day hair, for humid days or as an office hairstyle. It is great both for short and long haircuts and can be beautifies with a stylish hair accessory or hair clipper.wet look half bun 2016



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