Chignon Hairstyles for Females 2017

A fancy word chignon is making a fashion comeback with a vengeance. Chignons have been spotted on the heads of the hottest celebrities. Creating chignon buns is not hard at all. Who said that you should sport chignons only formally? You can freely wear them casually too. A chignon is the best way to look polished and keep your hair out of neck.Chignon Hairstyles for Females 2016 A chignon bun is perfect for bad hair days. There are many types of chignon buns so you have choice for both your casual and party days. Now watch the best chignon bun hairstyles for females 2017 and learn how to create them.  

Crimped Chignon

Crimped hairstyles make their great comeback. You can go for full or partly crimping. Crimped chignons are pretty eye catching and stunning. It is possible to wear them at office or party.

crimped chignon bun

crimped chignon bun

How to style: You are free to crimp your favorite part of hair, be that just a strand or front bangs. First get a crimper and crimp your hair to get a cool texture. After crimping your locks, tease them a bit and then brush back or side. Pull the rest hair into ponytail and twist it into a cute low bun, secure with bobby pins. To maintain your look finish with a hairspray.

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