New Bun Hairstyle Trends to Use in 2017

High Bun Hairstyle with Headband

In order to look neater and keep face framing hair out of the face women often use headbands. When you match them with trendy hairstyles you become fancier. So, what about this lovely bun hairdo with a tight and stylish headband?New Bun Hairstyle Trends to Use in 2017How to Style: Start with combing your hair backwards. Then use hair products if your strands are messy or annoying. Hair sprays have the ability to take control over the messiness on your locks. After this tie a high and comfy bun hairstyle. Finish it with a thin and eye-catching headband inspired by the recent hair accessory trends.

Sleek Braided Bun Hairstyle

Sleek knots are trendy these days but sleek braided updo are becoming more popular especially among thick-haired celebrities. We see many teenagers and young stylish celebs rocking elegant braided buns with sleek finishes. The fact is that these hairstyles make them look very ravishing and seductive.sleek braided bun hairstyle 2017How to Style: The styling techniques for sleek hairdos are generally the same. You need to rub hair gels or crema all over your hair to make it as sleek and shiny as possible. Actually they are inspired by wet-look hairstyles. Once you are done with the sleek effect you can then continue with a center parted low braided bun choosing a three-strand or fishtail plait.

Bun Hairstyle with Fake Bangs

Fake bangs are usually worn by those who don’t like to have fringes with their haircuts for all occasions. Temporary bangs are always eye-catching when people are used to use you without them. You can create a style statement with the right chosen bangs. As for fake bangs they are beautiful with high bun hairstyle.bun hairstyle with fake bangs 2017How to Style: Brush your hair and flat iron it. Focus especially on the tips as they are going to become your bangs during the styling process. Then tie a high ponytail and warp some part of your hair around the tie. Secure it with bobby pins to get the effect of a bun. The final step is the fringe. Bring the other part of hair to cover your forehead. Try to do it professionally not to ruin the style.

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