Retro Inspired Banana Updos

If you are tired of all these braids and ponytails consider banana updos. I know it sounds funny but that’s how we call them although some people call it a French twist too. Banana updos are meant to give women a graceful appearance. The vertical shape of this updo adds length to the neck and creates an incredibly elegant style. If you are invited to a special dinner or wedding party, make sure that this hairstyle is suitable for such occasions. One of the best things about this updo is that it can be worn by all ladies.retro banana updosSome complicated updos are too difficult to create by your own, so you have to spend much time and money on hair solons. I am glad to inform you that a French twist is pretty easy to replicate so you will absolutely achieve it at home. If you don’t know how to start, just watch several tutorials of this hairstyle and then start your job.

messy banana updo

This updo is not really new. If you remember the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” you will also remember gorgeous Audrey Hepburn with an elegant banana updo. Since Audrey is a “sex symbol”, she can be a good source of inspiration. These updos come in many variations, so look below to find the one which will compliment your face features.

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