Romantic Bow Hairstyles for 2017

Delightful bow hairstyles are excellent choice for romantic dates. Some girls like bows while others try to avoid bow hairstyles. I fall into the category of bow lovers and I think that spiffy bow hairstyles enchant many people. Your own strands can be the coolest accessories on your head. Bow hairstyles are perfect for women of all ages so let’s not limit anyone to wear peachy hairdos of the year.bow hairstyles for 2016Many girls don’t even want to try a bow because they think it is too tricky to master but it only seems. I don’t want anyone to feel frustrated or disappointed if something doesn’t turn out the way they want. But I am sure you also can create a bow. Now let’s see romantic bow hairstyles for 2017.

Romantic Bow Bun Hairstyle

Let’s start from the easiest bow. You should begin from creating a high bun. Try to get a picture of a bun with ends striking out. Divide your bun into two parts in order to create two loops and with the help of ends wrap the middle part. Use some bobby pins to secure your bob. Finally your bow is ready.

bun bow haiarstyle

bun bow haiarstyle

Curly Bow Bun

It is not necessary to have super straight hair for getting a delightful bow hairstyle. It is possible to create an identical bow bun on curly hair as well. The technique is the same as for straight hair. You can even leave some strands on your face for a more flattering style.

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