The Most Extravagant Hairstyles from Met Gala 2017

After knowing the theme of a fashion event Met Gala, celebrities started their hard work. The group of stylists took their time and created the most impressive looks. Stylists’ efforts have been appreciated by many blogs because immediately after Met Gala many blogs have started their discussions about celebrities’ looks.Met Gala 2016 hairstyles

The most popular magazines choose the best looks from Met gala and put them as covers. Such kinds of fashion events are really revolutionary because they give you an idea about new hairstyles and clothes. If fashion is one of your drugs then follow to see the most extravagant hairstyles from Met Gala 2017.Check out these hairstyles and think if you want to copy one of these looks or not.  

Kim Kardashian Slick Back Hairstyle

Robot glam!!! Kim used these two words to describe her amazing Met Gala look. According to her it was a great fun to take a risk and get completely new look for such an event. This time Kim’s hairstylists decided to create wet slick back hairstyle which was perfectly matched with her bleached eyebrows. When we look at Kim we get an impression like she does not have eyebrows but exactly this look gives her “Robot glam”

kim Met Gala 2016 slick back hairstyles

kim Met Gala 2017 slick back hairstyles

Rita Ora Slick Bun Hairstyle

It seems many of celebrities have decided to wear slick hairstyles. Center parting updo hairstyle and frozen eye makeup are completely in theme. Some hair accessories are in style and they add some touch of coolness to the look. The dominant color was bronze or silver which is about robots.

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