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2017 Stunning Red Hair Color Ideas

There is no way out to fail a stunning red shade if you opt for the right one for your complexion. Though this is not an easy task and requires a careful choice but with the help of a pro you will surely find out your red hair color. Like a red lipstick each woman should know which red hair color goes well with her base hair color, skin tone and eye hue. If you haven’t found out the most flattering red hair color for 2017 to match with your complexion then you are in the right place. The following triumph of red hues will inspire you for the coming hair dying hair colors 2016Bright Copper Hair Color

Though I am a natural brunette but the tenderness and the brightness of the copper red captures my heart. This hair color is the best one for light skin tones with pink undertones. It is best achieved on light hair colors. Copper red ideally goes with green and blue eyes and tends to look as natural as the ginger red. Some celebrities in copper red shades and cool complexions seem to be natural redheads and once you discover that they are natural blondes you realize the real charm of the bright and glossy copper red.

How to Wash Hair the Right Way

The way your hair looks depends on the way you style, wash and care treat it. It is very important to know the secrets of right hair washing so that you can have shiny, healthy and strong locks. It will be easier to have pretty hair if you follow the rules of right hair care. The first secret of having your hair beautiful is right washing. So, in order to help you with this issue we will give you the best tips and tricks on how to wash hair the right care advicePrepare Your Hair

Before you wash your hair you should prepare it for it. Though many don’t consider this essential but after you try it you see the advantages of this tip. You need to moisturize and condition your hair just before washing it. There are pre-shampoo treatments applying which on your hair you, first of all, protect it and then make it ready to wash with shampoo. You need to apply these oils on the strands of your locks, cover your hair for about an hour and after this rinse it.

Hair Styling Inspiration for Short Hair

Do you need to learn some cute ways to dress up your short haircut? These tricks will change your simple haircut into a more girlish and seductive one. Just find your style. Here are some attractive ways that will make your hairstyle look styling 2016Boho Hair Accessories

Bohemian inspired headbands are mainly made of simple scarves of fabrics. They are in brown, yellowish and reddish hues that are mingled into each other. All you need is just finding the most suitable headband for your boho hairstyle.

Winter Hair Care for Natural Curly Hair

Like any other season winter also requires special care for your hair. We wear various masks to make our hair healthier and shinier but we forget about the right care and about the fact that each remedy is created for particular conditions. Today we’ll speak about winter hair care for natural curly hair. If you have such hair you should definitely discover the secrets of healthy locks in cold seasons. Thus, here they are!

Plan Your Washesnatural curly hair 2016One of the most essential things to do for winter hair care is planning your washes. It is recommended not to use hair drier too often and many of us use it in winter quite frequently to dry thick and frizzy hair as soon as possible. Though it’s not always convenient to wait until your hair dries naturally but if you wash your hair at night you will have dry hair in the morning. So, you won’t damage your locks by a hair drier and will have more time to style it in the morning.

Best Hair Growth Treatments

Each lady dreams of healthy and delightful hairstyles. Sometimes many wish their hair be long and luscious. There are some great treatments for hair growth that will help you to have healthy and thick hair. Discover them for yourself and often use some of them.

Olive Oil with Egg Yolkhair care tipsFor the first remedy you need to have olive oil and egg yolk. Mix two egg yolks and two spoons of olive oil and add half a cup of water to it. Then apply this to your thin hair and keep it for about 20 minutes. The rise your hair and repeat the same twice a month. After using this mask you will soon see the satisfying result.

Hair Care Tips for Dyed Hair

Dyed hair greatly differs from virgin hair. When you chemically treat your hair it changes its entire structure and requires much care. There are several great ways to take care of dyed hair and if you have dyed hair you’d better keep on reading this article.Hair Care Tips for Dyed HairWhen you notice that your hair is damaged by the dye and by the additional chemical treatments you should immediately think of recovering your locks starting from the roots to the ends. As dyed hair is weaker you should avoid too much brushing. The try to dry your hair naturally and don’t use hairdryer too often.

Natural Hair Care Tips

Taking care of hair is too necessary for all hair types. Each girls should know how to style and to take care of her hair. It’s very important to know your hair type before you apply any hair treatment on your lock and especially on the roots. But keep in mind that natural hair care tips are more effective than the chemical products that you buy from beauty care tipsEgg for Hair

One of the most useful products that you can use to make your hair look healthier and stronger is egg.  It is filled with lots of healthy fats and proteins that our hair need. If you have dry hair use the yolks of egg and if you have oily hair then opt for egg whites. So, blend for about ? a cup of one of those and apply it on your dirty hair. Leave it for 20 minutes and wash your hair with cool water.

Essential Hair Care Tips for Every Type of Hair

Whether you have straight, wavy, curly, frizzy, thick, thin, oily or dry hair you should always care about the healthy and shiny look of your hairstyle. These essential hair care tips for every type of hair can help you find the best remedy for your locks. So, keep on reading and discover the secret of having fabulous hair.natural hair careTurn Down The Heat

It’s very important to know that heating usually damages locks and too often use of heating tools increases the risk of having unhealthy hair. So, you should know that too much use of heating hair styling tools bring only harm to your locks and if happens you are in a hurry or definitely need to use a it you’d better turn down to a minimum degree not to damage your hair totally.

Great Ideas to Style Short Hair

It goes without saying that styling long hair is easier than short cuts. The shorter your haircut the harder to find a unique way to dress it up. Though the ways to style short hair are few but they do exist and allow you to get a stunning hairstyle for prom, parties and for special occasions.

Bohemian Style for Short Hairbohemian flower hairstyle for short hair 2016Use the best concept of the popular and cool Bohemian style embellishing your hair with fresh or artificial flowers for a special event. The nice headbands made for this hairstyle make you look too feminine and girlish. This is the best way of expressing the exquisite relationship between females and flowers.

Special Care for Dry and Damaged Hair

After reading this article you’ll find the best solution and struggle against your dry and damaged hair. Here we offer the best home remedies for dry and damaged hair and instead of using chemicals to recover your locks you’ll start opting for natural hubs. All the remedies are absolutely natural and gift their great result in a short period of careCoconut Oil and Honey Mask for Hair

Damaged and broken hair need to become as soft and moisturized as possible. In this case the mixture of the coconut oil and honey will be a great remedy. Both make hair soft and recover the broken locks. This mask encourages hair growth and add shine to your gloomy, faded hair color. To get this hub you need to put equal amounts of coconut oil and honey into a simple plastic and heat the mixture in the microwave until it’s a creamy mass. Then apply on hair roots and covering it with a hat leave for about 50 minutes. The rinse your locks.