Hair Advice

New Hair Styling Ideas

I still wonder how celebrities manage to keep hair flawless and I am still looking for a magical trick that turns simple and boring hairstyle into an inspirational image. Unfortunately there is no magic stick that transforms you in a flash and you will have to take care of your tresses as needed. The only way to have healthy, strong and elastic hair you need to begin totally new hair care routine as well as proper styling products. Here are the most important hair styling secrets that will help you to make your dream come true.

hair styling secrets

Need extra volume? Try to boost thin hair with silicone. Instead of using heavy conditioner you can make hair look fuller with silicone containing conditioners. Such conditioner creates thin layers that makes hair thick and boosts the volume. 

Hair Styling Mistakes

There is hardly any girl who treated hair as needed and you too have not once made mistakes. Lucky you if the mistakes haven’t brought to serious problems. You can now find out your mistakes and try not to repeat them again. The following list of hair styling mistakes include the most common and primitive things that you are probably doing every day.

hair styling mistakes

One of the greatest mistakes that you make every day is styling hair in bathroom. As the ventilation is more likely poor in the bathroom high percentage of moisture makes hair frizzy. It is a real problem especially if you are trying to get poker straight hair.

Beauty & Hair Secrets

Beauty is woman’s weapon and it really works is only woman knows who to make the most of her natural beauty, accentuate best features and at the same time hide little faults. Such secrets are worthless so if you want to become real seductress and always look perfect you should definitely know this beauty guideline. Check out this short list of beauty and hair secrets.

beauty secretsIn order to keep skin soft and silky it should have necessary lever of moisture. To prevent dehydration apply moisturizing cream just after cleansing the face. This trick will help you to keep the elasticity of skin.

How to Deal with Static Hair

Static hair is a real problem that is more common in winter days. The main reason of static and unruly hair is a hat. It doesn’t mean you should put away your winter hat; harsh and low temperature can damage hair so wearing a hat for winter is a must. So how to deal with static hair and make it more manageable? In fact, there are simple tricks. let’s talk about them.

How to Deal with Static Hair

The best and the most effective way of dealing static hair is deep conditioning. Actually, low moisture can cause several hair problems like frizzy and dull hair, split ends and etc. It is very important to keep hair moisturizing the whole year.

How to Recover Hair

You have healthy hair and do not worry about proper hair care but one day you notice some changes in your tresses. Is it normal? Of course not. The following ten signs are talking about damaged and lifeless hair and even if you have just one sign it means you need to start thinking about your hair or you will face serious problems. Find out which are the signs that you should pay attention to and learn some easy tricks to recover hair.

repair damaged hair

Split Ends

If you have got new haircut and you notice split ends you should get worried. There are two reasons of slip ends; either hair is too damaged and even trimming hasn’t upgraded hair or tresses are too dry and lifeless. In both cases your hair need extra nourishment with natural ingredients.

Hair Care Ideas for Winter

Maintaining hair during cold winter days is not as easy as you think. Low temperature and harsh weather can damage hair and you cannot protect hair just wearing a hat. Here are some really important hair care ideas for winter that will help you to protect hair and it keep it healthy for spring.


First thing you should do is to keep the necessary level of moisture. Low temperature makes hair frizzy and dry. Moisturizing masks and conditioners will keep the elasticity of hair thus preventing hair from damage. Unlike hair you should stay away from moisturizing cream for face skin.

Hair Care Ideas

We all want to have healthy and thick hair but we deal with tresses worse than ever. We treat hair in the worst way with cheap styling tools and inappropriate hair care products. We hardly think of protecting hair from sun rays and salt water and we always forget to use natural products that are so important for hair. If you have damaged and weak hair you are the only one who is responsible for your damaged hair. Still you can get back your beautiful tresses if you begin proper hair care right now.

hair care

Begin your hair care routine by choosing proper shampoo. If you have never thought about composition of shampoo you’d better pay special attention to it. Try to choose the one that contains more natural ingredients. Neutral pH 5.5 is very important especially if you problems with itching scalp and dandruff. Frequent washing is needed if only you have oily hair. Normal and dry hair should be washed twice a week. If you are used to style hair with blow dryer never begin styling while hair is wet. After washing hair pat with towel and leave it dry naturally. When hair is slightly damp you can begin styling with a low temperature.

Curly Hairstyles

Curly hair can become a real weapon  if only a woman knows how to take care of curly tresses properly and how to make the most of curly hair texture. Fortunately there are numerous hair care products for curly texture as well as styling tricks from professionals that will help you to become your own hair stylist. The following hair care ideas will help you to turn your curly tresses into the one that will break hearts.

Curly Hairstyles

One of the most common problems that girls with natural curls can face is dry and frizzy hair. To deal with the problem some use moisturizers that weight down hair. In order to give hair necessary moisture you need to find the product that include less chemical products. You can also make your own moisturizing leave in conditioner from natural products.

How to Wash Hair

Not everyone think of proper hair washing. Actually, wrong hair washing can cause many hair problems that will need more time and effort to cure. You can easily stay away from such problems if only you learn how to wash hair properly. This short guideline will help you to learn some secrets to keep hair healthy and strong.

how to wash haie

First rule is to choose shampoo for your hair type and learn the frequency of washing hair. For instance if you have fine hair you should wash it every other day especially if you are using styling products that make hair greasy. Dry and frizzy hair should be washed twice a week. In order to boost the volume of fine hair you can use volumizing conditioner instead of shampoo while frizzy hair need additional moisture with conditioners and moisturizing masks.

How to Take Care of Damaged Hair

No matter how long your hair is it will not look attractive if it is damaged and dull. Growing out hair is only half job; you should take care of tresses every day. Surely it will take much time and effort so if you are not ready to devote so much time to your tresses you’d better keep hair shorter. On the other hand, if you really want to have smashing long tresses and you are ready to do everything needed you need to start a new hair care routine doing all the steps. If you have damaged hair with cheap styling products and tools you need to learn how to take care of damaged hair.


Today there are zillion ways of recovering hair but most of them are too expensive. Surely they give immediate result but it doesn’t last long and you need to repeat the treatment over and over again. On the other hand, regular usage of homemade masks and conditioners will provide you with healthy and strong hair. The only thing about homemade treatment is that you should be patient and wait for the result a bit longer.