Formal Hairstyles

Half up Half down Hairstyle for 2017

Half up half down hairstyles are the most subtle and fascinating ones. These hairstyles are for women of all ages. It doesn’t matter you are a teenager or a mutual woman feel free to wear this impressive hairstyle. You should know where you can wear this or that hairstyle. If you are going to have a formal meeting then you should opt for classy half up half down hairstyle.Half up half down hairstyle for 2016 There are half up half down hairstyles for different events. So keep up with us and see the most outstanding half up half down hairstyle for 2017.

Prom Downdo Hairstyle Inspiration for 2017

When it comes to prom hairstyles we usually look for trendy updos, but what about posh, luxurious and glamorous downdo hairstyles for 2017? Well, it’s a fact that updo hairstyles enhance our femininity and bring out pretty facial features but there are such down hairstyles which can’t be compared with any ritzy updo. These fashionable and luscious hairdos tend to highlight the charm of your hair and the girlish nature inside you. Check out the following hairstyles and rock the coming party in a cool down hairstyle.downdo prom hairstyles 2016Side Pulled Long Curls

My long-haired beauties who have always need wearing big updo hairstyles for special occasions may show off the healthy and shiny effect of their hair with the help of the vintage inspired side pulled curly hairstyle. This is one of the best hairstyles to keep all eyes on your cute face and subtle makeup as well as find a good matching for elegant and fancy dresses and accessories. Look at our stunning natural brunette Megan Fox. She always sparkles in this lovely hairstyle.

Festive Updo Hairstyle Inspiration for 2017

Find your new source of inspo for updo hairstyles in 2017. We will help you to unveil the latest trends and will give innovative ideas on how to rock old-fashioned updo hairstyles with modern twists. We want you to be the first who tries out the most creative and festive updo hairstyles for the upcoming wedding days, birthday parties or formal occasions. So, amuse everyone with your feminine and glamorous look provided by the ritzy hairstyle.updo hairstyles 2016Messy Beehive Updo Hairstyle

Are you tired of the same messy high buns or common messy chignons? Perhaps you may like the messy beehive updo hairstyle. It’s a retro inspired hairdo with shaggy curls and side parted soft strands which create a bang effect. They frame the face daintily and due to their shiny red shade highlight the coolness of the skin. However the hair color doesn’t matter and you can showcase your complexion with the enhanced shade of your natural hair color.

Party-Ready Hairstyles for 2017

It is not necessary to be famous to wear this cool prom hairstyles. We also need trendy hair styling versions for our parties and formal occasions and the hairstyles that celebrities rock for special events are always fashionable and professional. Check out some of the most beautiful party hairstyles for 2017 right below and discover the secret of capturing hears with elegant hairdos.  prom hairstyles 2016Kate Bosworth Posh Chignon Hairstyle

Add an imposing glamour to your common bun hairstyle and rock it during the upcoming party or holiday. Kate Bosworth’s low chignon hairstyle is gorgeous option for medium hair. It is teased on the crown part, side parted on the top which makes the style more dramatic and gathered at the ape into a low bun.  The sleek and smooth effect achieved by hair creams highlights the subtle blonde shade.

Long Festive Curly Hairstyles from Julien Fournie SS 2017

French fashion designer Julien Fournie being started his career in 2009 now is one of the most popular fashion industries in the world. Today we are inspired by the lavishing and ritzy evening gowns represented during the recent SS 2016 show. The best and the most luxurious, sophisticated pieces in subtle fabrics and accessories combined with flashy makeups and hot curly hairstyles are collected right here special for you. Find a new inspiration of long curly hairstyles for 2017 taking examples from this posh styles.  Julien Fournie SS 2016 long curly hairstylesHow to Style: Start with the hair color. A fresh shade is more than important in a healthy-looking hairstyle. If you want to sparkle during the upcoming special event then refresh your hair color with dark honey blonde, light yellowish blonde, chestnut brown or jet black hues. I would also like to offer you the eye-catching copper and Marsala red shades.

6 Formal Updo Hairstyles to Try in 2017

When you look for updo hairstyles on the internet you meet zillions of beautiful options. But what I have found for you are the most amazing ideas to choose for the upcoming parties. Here are 6 formal updo hairstyles for 2017. Check them out and be inspired.prom updo hairstyles for 2016Multiple Braids Updo Hairstyle

There is something very sophisticated in this cool updo hairstyle. It is a low bun hairstyle with several plaits which make its simple look rather luxurious. It is classy and very elegant. You can achieve it on medium or long haircuts. Since braided hairstyles are very versatile you can pick any plait you like. It can be simple, fishtail or rope.

Formal Side Parted Hairstyles 2017

Do you need some inspiration for your formal hairstyles? I am going to offer you the latest trend. It’s the side parted hairstyle idea which is in thing these days and is opted by the majority of celebrities. If you want to amuse your guests during a special party then have a look at these formal side parted hairstyles for 2017side parted hairstyles for 2016Side Parted Finger Waves

Take an example from celebrities who wear vintage finger waves on their short and long locks. This hairstyle makes you look very glamorous and tends to bring out the lovely shades of your hair color and the shine that is best reflected on wavy hairstyles. The smooth waves parted to a side gift you a classy and elegant look. 

Trendy Celebrity Inspired Hairstyles for 2017

Your favorite celebrities that always appear with new looks, outfits, styles, hair colors and haircuts this time will inspire you with their trendy hairstyles for 2017. Check them out and try one of them as a new hairstyle for 2017.

Kate Peck Quiff HairstyleKate Peck Quiff Hairstyle for 2016This is one of the most glamorous quaff hairstyles for short hair. Kate Peck really looks very stunning and hot with it. It’s even a classy and elegant style to match with classy outfits. That white blonde hair color makes it quite soft and spiffy.

Elegant Hairstyles for Short and Medium Hair 2017

In spite of the fact that short hairstyles don’t provide us with much texture o style or hair the way we want but there are cool ways to get gorgeous hairstyles for special events on short and medium cuts. In many cases we need elegant hairstyles for short and medium hair and as they change our entire look into a more ravishing one we should learn these hairstyles to sport for the special events taking place in 2017 as well as at workplace.

Short Vintage Hairstyleshort vintage hairstyle 2016Women over 30 like to discover the vintage style for themselves as they follow the examples of 60’s stars who had always been in the center of attention especially by men. If you are invited for a wedding party and are planning o be in a retro styled dress and retro makeup then the best hairstyle for you can be the vintage curly style. You can get a stunning hairstyle on your short pixie, bob or shoulder length hairstyle.

Fabulous Hairstyles for Women Over 40

The golden age of women when they start to shine in a new way is the 40. There was a story about a queen who was 80 years old but when she was asked about her age she answered “I am two fourteen years old”. The young psychological state that this woman wanted to keep was expressed by this interesting way. When you want to feel yourself young there are many other more fascinating ways. One of them is the change of the hairstyle and special for women over 40 I represent these fabulous hairstyles.

Monica Bellucci HairstyleMonica Bellucci HairstyleMonica Bellucci is one of the most gorgeous actresses that is always in a fabulous style, look and form. Her style has always been on the lists of the best female styles that inspires many women. Here she is with big curly shoulder length hairstyle which is awesome with those long side bangs and with deep chocolate brown hair color.