Hairstyles 2017

Boho Inspired Hairstyles for Long Hair 2017

Long hair is never out of date and all it needs is just enhancing its beauty. If you think that you have tried all the styles on your long locks then wait a minute and have a look at our string of boho looks. Perhaps you haven’t tried one of the most natural-looking and seductive style in your life. Now be inspired by the long bohemian hairstyles for 2017.

Pigtail Braidsbohemian pigtails 2016Bohemian style or how do they call it? Free people style. Yes, this is what we see in each boho hairstyle. Freedom is everywhere in bohemian hairstyles and one of the most popular boho hairdos is the youthful pigtail braids. This cozy hairstyle is now very trendy and every girl who has long hair should try it by using fishtail braids.

Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair 2017

Long hair hair has always been considered as gem and pride for a female. They say the longer your hair the more feminine you look. And while many go for short haircuts we enjoy plenty of hairdos of various styles. When it comes to braided hairstyles hairstylists first think of long locks because long hair gives them more hair styling and bradding opportunities. One can create marvelous braided hairstyles on long hair and since braids are becoming more and more popular today we’ll speak about trendy braided hairstyles for long hair.

Pigtail Braids for Long Hairpigtail braids for long hair 2016If before you used to see pigtail braids nowadays they are popular among young ladies too. This hairstyle is girlish and playful and looks very cute in messy forms. You may go for simple or for fishtail braids. If you like you can even combine it with French braid starting your braid from the top part.

2017 Short Haircuts for Men

Taking into consideration the fact that men look more handsome and masculine in short hairstyles we’ll represent the best short haircuts for men to try in 2017. Some of these hairstyles are always in thing and they seem to be the prefect haircuts for classy and powerful men.

Short Curly Haircut for Menshort curly hairstyle for men 2016Tired of your long curls? Get the seductive masculine look by chopping them off. Short curly haircuts, of course, look more manly and beautiful. This haircuts are perfect especially in case you need a classy and neat look for office.

Medium Length Haircut Ideas for 2017

When it comes to medium hairstyles we think that they are the most convenient hairstyles for any women. Medium length allows us to create various hairstyles and to go for loose hairdos as well as for luxurious updos. There are many cuts for medium length hair and the most fashionable ones are collected here. Now check out these medium length haircuts for 2017.

Razor Cuts for Medium Hairrazor cuts for medium hair 2016Razor cuts are layered haircuts that create a sharp hairstyle. If you have super straight hair you may choose this hairstyle and can also go for razor cuts bangs for a more seductive look. Many add some highlights to their razor cut hairstyle as highlights bring luxury to your locks.

2017 Short Asymmetrical Haircuts

Are tired of your dull haircut? It doesn’t matter how long your haircut is it’s time to update it and to transform into a more eye-catching and bold one.  Go for a short asymmetrical haircut in 2017 and amuse your friends with your risky step. Yes, you dared it and now you have a trendy engaging appearance. Well, while you are thinking if this attractive idea I will represent the best asymmetric cuts for right here.

Asymmetrical Bob Haircut in Ombre Styleasymmetrical bob haircut 2016Wavy hair, asymmetrical haircut and ombre style; what else you need to look trendy? This combination is new in the world of fashion and it’s very beautiful. So, to get this look you need to go for a stylish asymmetrical bob haircut, then dye your roots in a dark brown and ends in a light blonde and loosely curl your hair.

Runway Updo Hairstyle Ideas for 2017

Looking for new updo inspiration? Find it right here. We have collected the best runway updo hairstyles for 2017 among which you can see both casual and formal hairdos for any occasion. These are classy, elegant, pretty and feminine hairstyles that will make you look neater and will enhance your femininity. Find your style from too sleek to messy hairdos that all look fashionable.

Elegant Sleek Low Bun Hairstyleelegant sleek low bun hairstyle 2016Whether you have short, medium or long hair or whether you have dark or blonde locks you can always get a fantastic sleek low bun hairstyle whenever you need to have an elegant look. This hairdo is very convenient for any occasion and it keeps all your hair out of your face. On the other hand it brings out your face features and if you wear a flashy makeup your look will be more seductive. Decorating this hairstyle with some fresh or artificial flowers that wok with your outfit I the best thing to sparkle all day long.

2017 Trendy Mohawk Hairstyles for Short Haircuts

Though Mohawk hairstyles are also worn on long hair and usually with braids but they are cooler on short haircuts. This hairstyle is lived by many male and female celebrities and it’s popular among stylish women who have short haircut with side shaved or undercut styles. To achieve a perfect Mohawk hairstyle you need to have ultra-short sides and longer top part which is quite voluminous to provide you with the desired engaging effect. This is easy to create both on straight and curly hairstyles. Straight hair will look a bit sharper and curly hair softer but in two cases you will get a trendy Mohawk hairdo. Here are some of the best examples of trendy Mohawk hairstyles on short hair for 2017.

Side Shaved Pixie with MohawkMohawk hair 2016This eye-catching hairstyle with fiery blonde shade on the top is a great choice for black women who have a side shaved short pixie haircut. As you see it’s a backcombed voluminous hairdo that brings out all face features along with the face shape. If you have slender facial features then often opt for this look.

Messy Braided Hairstyle Ideas for 2017

Today’s article is devoted to the big fans of braided hairstyles. Girls, you know what to choose to look seductive, feminine and eye-catching. Here I will represent trendy messy braided hairstyle for 2017 and you will chose the best braids for your hair. If you are also fond of new hair stylish ideas then these braid will gift you stylish solutions. Just keep on reading to find your style.

Messy Side Fishtailmessy fishtail braid 2016Fishtail braids are too required in 2017 and if you have long hair you may often go for the side fishtail. It is perfect for second day hair, for windy days and for workplace. The charm that has a messy side fishtail braid cannot be compared with something else.

2017 Short Bob Haircuts for Black Women

It’s time for a new transformation and if your current hairstyle looks dull day by day then you should think of another one. Of course, it’s better if you pick a trendy haircut for you that goes with your face shape and face features. What about short bob haircuts? We have an incredible collection of short bob haircuts for black women to try in 2017. These options are fabulous not only in their shapes but also in their trendy hair colors.

Short Curly Bob Haircutshort curly bob haircuts for black women 2016Black women who have natural curly hair and want to turn it into a totally different hairstyle may like the shown short curly bob haircut in blonde hair color. It’s a voluminous bob hairstyle for parties, for wedding days and for special occasions even those who have straight locks can opt for this look by curling their hair.

Celebrity Pixie Haircuts for 2017

Nowadays the tendency of wearing short pixie haircuts increasing among famous female celebrities. The most unexpected and surprising hairstyle makeovers that we see are just experimented by Hollywood stars which don’t afraid of making a boom in their appearance. Right here we’ll discover the most stylish celebrity pixie haircuts for 2017. Many of these stars have changed their entire appearance by chopping off their long luscious locks and today they inspire many girls.

Charlize Theron Short Pixie Haircutcharlize theron pixie haircut 2016Each time I look at the pictures of Charlize where she is with his pixie haircut I realize that if a woman is pretty, has slender face features and is very subtle no any boyish cut can ruin her appearance. Even in a short pixie haircut she looks so feminine and so gorgeous. In a word she is delightful.