Hairstyles 2018

2017 Red Hair Colors for Short Hair

If you are thinking of a trendy and eye-catching hairstyle then short red haircuts are for you. Both red hair color and short haircuts are in thing today and many brave women go for this risky transformation. As a result they get the desired attention and sparkle in the crowd. The fresh shades of red are perfect for short bob and pixie haircuts especially for layered, shaggy and asymmetrical hairstyles. Let’s discover some great red hair colors for short hair to try in 2017.

Fiery Red Hair Color for Grown Out Pixiefirey red for grown out pixie 2016Grown out pixie haircuts are very lovely and cute hairstyles that can be beautified with a bright fiery red hair color. This astounding shade is perfect for light skin tones and tends to warm up your complexion. 

Best Curly Bob Hairstyle Ideas for 2017

Whether you have natural or styled curls they are delightful in their way but when you want to match the trendy with the charm you need to change your hairstyle into a better one. So, my curly-haired beauties, get ready to rock the year with your new haircut. You are going to show off all the luxury and prettiness of your curly bob hairstyle in 2017.

Curly Bob Haircut for Round Facescurly bob hairstyles for round faces 2016Chop off your curls if you have a round shaped face. Why? Because short curls look nicer with round face shapes and are cuter in their attractiveness. You will surely love your new hairstyle for 2016 and will be satisfied with the attention it grabs for you. A trendy hair color and some cute bangs can complete your hairstyle making it more beautiful.

New Long Hairstyle Ideas from Fashion Shows for 2017

Following the new hairstyle ideas from fashion weeks for 2017 we have discovered that the most popular solutions for this year are generally combinations of various trendy hairstyles and are mixtures of simple and complicated hairdos. Here we offer you the most beautiful ideas that you can use in 2017 for different occasions making your choice according to the season. Have a look at them and be inspired.

Long Ombre Hairstyle loose curly hairstyle ombre 2016Though the use of the ombre style is not a news anymore but the most succeeded hairstyles by this technique are worthy to be considered. Many try it on short hairstyles too but the best looks are seen on long hair. If you want to bring all the luxury of your hairstyle you may try it in a loose curly style. This will enhance the beauty of your hairstyle.

Trendy Short Pixie Haircut Ideas for 2017

If you are a real stylish lady you will never omit trendy short haircuts. To get a too fashionable and eye-catching look the majority of women go for short pixie haircuts for 2017. These hairstyles are met in various types of hair. Vintage Short Pixie Hairstyle 2016You can get a flashy pixie haircut on your straight hair as well as on your curly locks. The only difference between these haircuts is that curly pixies look subtler, softer and more feminine than straight cuts that have a boyish effect in them. But since there are thousands of ways to bring a feminine touch to a short haircut you can opt for a trendy pixie.

Trendy Long Hairstyle Ideas for Men 2017

If you have decide to keep your locks long you should also care about their healthy, soft and shiny look. It’s too essential for men to have neat and tidy hairstyles are the majority of guys wear short cuts and in case you have long hair you already stand out from the crowd and grab much attention. Today more and more males choose long hairstyles especially among models and stars. Looking for trendy men’s long hairstyles for 2017 we meet Hollywood stars who rock long haircuts and style them in various ways.mens long hairstyle ideas 2016These are too eye-catching and stunning hairstyles for men. You can copy some ideas for you for 2016 and you’ll surely enhance your handsomeness. Long hairstyles are not for every man and if you really want to have a long hairstyle you should be patient enough.

2017 Caramel Highlights for Long Hair

Hair highlights are the simplest ways to add charm and attractiveness to you hairstyle. If you haven’t dyed your hair yet you may start with caramel highlights for long hair in 2017. They will immediately transform your dull hairstyle into a fabulous one. You will like the result because caramel highlights best work with long hairstyles and go almost with all complexions.

Caramel Highlights for Long Brunette Haircaramel highlights on brown hairIf you have dark hair such as brown or chestnut and want to add a subtle touch to it as well as to warm up your complexion then caramel highlights are for you. They create a gorgeous effect on long hair and are fashionable too.

Rainbow/Pastel Colored Braided Hairstyles for 2017

Being creative is the most required thing for this age. People do their best to differ from others with their original styles. What women do amuses everyone. They go for impossibly beautiful hair colors that turn their dull locks into luscious and attractive hairstyles. simple braided colorful hair 2016Today you can see not only straight or curly colorful hairstyles but also rainbow/pastel colored braided hairstyles for 2017. They are the innovative and latest hairstyles suggested by professional hairdressers who know the secrets of beatifying hair. Now, look at these playful braids and find your hair styling inspiration for 2017.

Lovely French Braid Ponytails 2017

A French braid is a cool hairstyle to use while creating a ponytail. It add charm and interest to simple ponytail hairstyles be it a low or a high one. You can do lots of things with French braids but the coziest styles to rock on casual days are the French braid ponytails. So, have a look at our collection of French braid ponytails for 2017.

Spiraled Style French Braid PonytailSpiraled Style French Braid POnytailThe first one is the luxurious spiraled French braid ponytail for long hair. Though this charming braid is not that easy to style but you can use it for prom and for other special occasions. You need to have both long and thick hair for it and you are ready to rock a marvelous hairstyle.

New Ponytail Hairstyles 2017

When the article is about ponytails there is much to offer my readers but each time I collect and look for new hairstyles I try to include the most fashionable and what is more important; the most beautiful ponytail hairstyles. This is the easiest hairstyle the way of styling which is well-known for every girl. But sometime we get tired of the same hairstyle and want to add a modern touch to it. So, let’s do it.

Here are new ponytail hairstyles for 2017 and you can find ideas for all types and lengths of hair.

Rope Braid Ponytail Hairstylerope braid ponytail hairstyleThough there is nothing to do with the braiding principal while styling the rope braid but it is called a braid. Actually it looks like a raid and is a great one to combine with a ponytail and call it a braided ponytail. The result is amazingly beautiful.

Runway Hairstyle Ideas for 2017

The hairstyles first experimented on models’ hair soon become the trendy hairdos that we steal to look fashionable and stunning. The innovative ideas used by professional hairstylists are often seen on hairstyles for fashion weeks. Every year we are provide with stylish hairstyles and we try to keep up with the fashion following its rules. So, if you are one of those who are in search of runway hairstyle idea for 2017 then you are in the right place.  Keep on reading to discover the best hairstyles for 2017.

Hair Tucked Under Clothes Hairstyle for Winter 2017hair tucked under clothes 2016Don’t know what to do with your long hair in winter? Tuck it under clothes as a trendy hairstyle. It’s a simple yet very stylish solution to look beautiful, to keep the neck and the ears warm and o be original.