Hair Highlights

Best Hair Colors for Short Hair

The length of hair is directly connected with it’s color. It’s too essential to know what hair color is the best for your haircut and it’s also important to know what hair color can go with your complexion. To get the so desired stylish look we offer the following hair colors for short hair.

Pastel Shades for Short Haircutspastel pink hair color for short hair 2016Bobs and pixies look very sophisticated and soft in any pastel shade. According to your complexion you can choose an airy pastel hair color to beautify your short haircut.

Trendy Pixel Hair Colors for 2016

Now forget about the rest of trendy hair coloring techniques and focus on the latest trend pixel hair colors for 2016. This doesn’t look like regular and ordinary hair coloring and looking at it you’ll notice the top of the human imagination. It’s a unique hair coloring idea that is going to win all the hair styling techniques.  The way it is reflected on hair is just smashing. It’s creative and beautiful at the same time and all it seeks to gain s attention, attention and again attention.

Pixel Hair Color short hair 2016

Pixel Hair Color short hair 2016

Pixel hair coloring idea belongs to a Spanish hairstylists Jose Luis Almendral, Jorge Cancer and Marco Antonio Restrepo. Thanks to these professional and creative hairstylists today we have a boom in fashion world that will capture many hearts.

Great Ideas to Style Short Hair

It goes without saying that styling long hair is easier than short cuts. The shorter your haircut the harder to find a unique way to dress it up. Though the ways to style short hair are few but they do exist and allow you to get a stunning hairstyle for prom, parties and for special occasions.

Bohemian Style for Short Hairbohemian flower hairstyle for short hair 2016Use the best concept of the popular and cool Bohemian style embellishing your hair with fresh or artificial flowers for a special event. The nice headbands made for this hairstyle make you look too feminine and girlish. This is the best way of expressing the exquisite relationship between females and flowers.

Fabulous Hairstyles for Women Over 40

The golden age of women when they start to shine in a new way is the 40. There was a story about a queen who was 80 years old but when she was asked about her age she answered “I am two fourteen years old”. The young psychological state that this woman wanted to keep was expressed by this interesting way. When you want to feel yourself young there are many other more fascinating ways. One of them is the change of the hairstyle and special for women over 40 I represent these fabulous hairstyles.

Monica Bellucci HairstyleMonica Bellucci HairstyleMonica Bellucci is one of the most gorgeous actresses that is always in a fabulous style, look and form. Her style has always been on the lists of the best female styles that inspires many women. Here she is with big curly shoulder length hairstyle which is awesome with those long side bangs and with deep chocolate brown hair color.

Stylish Casual Hairstyle Ideas

Of course we often look for hairstyles to sport on special days but since our casual days are more than special occasions we should be careful for our casual looks as well. It goes without saying that hairstyle is the first thing that appears in the center of attention of the people surrounding you and your taste sometimes can be judged by your hairstyle. What hairstyles you prefer to wear on casual days speak about the style you follow and the care you gift your hair. Whether you are at home, at the workplace or just in the street keep in mind that your hairstyle must always be beautiful and what casual hairstyle ideas there are in the world of fashion you’ll learn right here.

High Ponytail Hairstyleponytail hairstyle

Did you know that celebrities more often choose the high ponytail for their second day hairstyle? This is a cozy, easy and quick hairstyle that keeps all your hair out of your face and brings out your face shape along with your face features. It’s the favorite hairstyle of many long-haired ladies who usually need to have their locks tightly gathered.

Red Hair Highlights 2015

Redhead beauties look so sexy and adorable. Unfortunately natural red hair is a rare thing and women have to go for hair perm to create desired look. 2015 hair color trends include palette of red shades both natural and dramatic and which one to choose is only up to you.

Red Hair Highlights 2015

There is one thing about red hair color that you should know. It is of high maintenance and needs special care. Regular touch ups are a must otherwise color will fade quickly and look dull. If you are not ready to devote so much time on hair care you can go for hair highlighting. Multi tonal hair color looks even more beautiful and stylish so you can get smashing look without going for radical changes.

Hair Highlights 2015

It is time to break the monotony of block colored hair with one of these hair highlights 2015. New season hair coloring techniques offer innovative ways of combining and mixing colors. One tone hair color is in the past; check out some of the hottest examples of 2015 hair highlights ideas and pick your favorite one for your transformation.

Hair Highlights 2015

One of the leading styles of highlights that have been chosen the best one of 2015 is ombre hairstyle. This hair coloring technique has several variations but no matter which one you choose your ombre hairstyle will be perfect.

2015 Summer Blonde Hairstyles

Talking about blonde hair we mostly pay attention to color and undertone of blonde but hardly think of hairstyles that will make your blonde hair look even more attractive. In fact, blonde hair looks fantastic styled in any design and now we are going to find out the hottest summer blonde hairstyles 2015.

blonde hairstyles

If you have already got blonde hair color you will only have to learn some styling tricks from professional hair stylists. Do not shy away from experiments because the main trend of 2015 summer is natural look and no sophisticated designs are included in 2015 trends.

Innovative Hair Highlights 2015

2015 hair trends have brought line of new hair coloring tricks that will help you to create fantastic hairstyles. This collection of 2015 innovative hair highlights ideas include new hair coloring tricks that will help you to create brand new hairstyles.

new hair coloring techniques

There are numerous styles of new hair highlights as well as color combos but let’s talk about subtle color combos so that you will not have to go for dramatic makeovers. All the below shown examples will upgrade your hairstyle for new season without changing the base tone.

Gray Hairstyles 2015

The biggest problem for women is gray hair and they are still struggling against aging. Hair coloring is the only way to hide gray strands. Regular touch ups and harsh chemicals sooner or later will damage hair and make it frizzy. So which is the best  way to get flawless look? Stop fighting against gray hair!

gray hairstyles

Gray hair is the new blonde. 2015 hair color and hairstyle trends include numerous fantastic gray hairstyles that look even more eye catching than blonde or any other innovative color. If you just check out newest looks from Celebville or catwalk you will find numerous inspirational images. If you already have gray hair  you can get brand new and ultra-modern look by coloring hair gray.