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Innovative Hair Highlights 2017

2017 hair trends have brought line of new hair coloring tricks that will help you to create fantastic hairstyles. This collection of 2017 innovative hair highlights ideas include new hair coloring tricks that will help you to create brand new hairstyles.

new hair coloring techniques

There are numerous styles of new hair highlights as well as color combos but let’s talk about subtle color combos so that you will not have to go for dramatic makeovers. All the below shown examples will upgrade your hairstyle for new season without changing the base tone.

Gray Hairstyles 2017

The biggest problem for women is gray hair and they are still struggling against aging. Hair coloring is the only way to hide gray strands. Regular touch ups and harsh chemicals sooner or later will damage hair and make it frizzy. So which is the best  way to get flawless look? Stop fighting against gray hair!

gray hairstyles

Gray hair is the new blonde. 2017 hair color and hairstyle trends include numerous fantastic gray hairstyles that look even more eye catching than blonde or any other innovative color. If you just check out newest looks from Celebville or catwalk you will find numerous inspirational images. If you already have gray hair  you can get brand new and ultra-modern look by coloring hair gray.

Multi Tonal Hairstyles

Multi tonal hairstyle looks much more interesting than one tone hair color. The combination of subtle shades can make hair look fuller and longer and that’s why hair stylists so often use this trick. Styles of hair highlighting are so versatile that one can easily get confused while choosing the most suitable one.

hair highlights

You can find million inspirational images but first check out this gallery of celebrity multi tonal hairstyles that include both subtle and dramatic images.

DIY Rainbow Hair Highlights

Rainbow hair highlighting is one of the most popular coloring techniques of this season. Hair colorists use this technique to create bold and ultra modern look. Combination of contrastive colors looks very dramatic while the combination of subtle colors can make hair look thicker and voluminous.

If you have made up your mind to update your look and get multi tonal hairstyle here is a beauty guideline on how to get rainbow hair highlighting for your own.


There are many ways of decorating hairstyle. Hair extensions are very popular. This is the best option to transform hairstyle in a flash. Bright colored hair extension will decorate your hairstyle for special occasions. This trick will not damage hair like hair perm and you can always get back to your casual one tone hairstyle.

2017 Brunette Hair Colors

Thinking of new hair color women mostly think of two options; blonde or brunette. This eternal battle has no winner because both blondes and brunettes look fantastic. We have already talked about new blonde hair colors and now it is time to find out best brunette hair colors 2017.


We are used to say that beauty icons are fairy blondes but what about sexy brunettes who break hearts with their unimaginable charisma? We can say that they have the sexuality of blondes plus unique magnetic flair that makes men lose mind. Natural brunettes rarely go for blonde or if they bleach hair, in the end they get back to natural hair color.

2017 Spring Copper Hair Color Ideas

Though you have long winter to survive you can now decide what image you are going to have for 2017 spring. For new season you can get new haircut or learn new ways of styling hair but if you want to have totally new image you need to think of changing hair color.

From all trendy hair colors that are going to be popular for 2015 spring you should definitely choose one of bright shades of red. At this time we will check out 2017 spring copper hair color ideas.


Like any other shade of red copper is the one that can make you look like an angel and at the same time add some mysterious and magnetic allure to your image. If completed with suitable makeup you will be able to create show stopping look.

2017 Strawberry Blonde Hairstyles

Strawberry blonde hair color is popular shade of blonde that is chosen as one of the main trends of 2015 hair colors. In its turn strawberry blonde hair color has its shades and undertones for different skin tones. Professional hair colorist can get perfect shade of strawberry blonde for your skin tone by mixing two and more shades but if you have decided to color hair at home you can get ready product. Here are the best examples of strawberry blonde hairstyles 2017 for your inspiration.

2015 Strawberry Blonde Hairstyles

And again we will turn to celebrity images. As blonde hair color is one of the most popular shades in Celebville we will not find better inspiration than beauty bunnies. All style icons from the past and present have blonde hair and no wonder why this color still remain the best one.

Cute Ombre Hairstyles for School Girls

Girls love to change hairstyle and get new image but sometimes they forget about age and get not appropriate hairstyle and hair color. Ombre hairstyle is maybe the most suitable design for school girls. Dark roots hairstyle will be perfect for both long and short hair. Moreover, it will not look as bold and eye catching as other bright color. Here are several ideas of cute ombre hairstyles for school girls and some styling ideas that will make ombre hair look more beautiful.


The best thing about ombre hairstyle is that it creates fantastic look without going overboard. You can transform your image without going for dramatic color changes. Just two tones lighter highlights at the edges and your hairstyle will get totally new look.

2017 Black Women Hair Colors

Hair color has great impact on woman’s image; it can make woman look attractive or totally ruin image and that’s why it is very important to choose hair color with great care. Surely the best one is natural color that is perfectly suitable to skin tone and eye color but women love experiments especially with bright colors.


When choosing hair color you should take into consideration skin tone. Wrong chosen shade can make face look pale and that’s why it is very important to consult with pro colorist. White women have wider choice; they can experiment with bright colors without any risk while black women should think twice before choosing this or that color. The following examples of 2017 hair colors for black women will show you some new ideas of colors for fall and winter.

Ombre Highlights for Curly Hair

Girls with natural curls are adorable. Fluffy curls are very popular today and women with sleek hair go for a perm to get defined and voluminous curls. Latest hair trends showed beautiful examples of ombre highlights for curly hair that make curls even more eye catching. The following examples of ombre highlights for curly hair will arm you up with new ideas for your curly hair.

Ombre Highlights for Curly Hair

Ombre hairstyle looks fantastic on any hair texture be it poker straight hair, waves or curls. Classy ombre hairstyle is a combination of dark brown roots and blonde edges. The transition from dark to light makes hair look longer, fuller and thicker. This trick is very popular especially among girls with thin hair. Professional colorist can find perfect combination and measure of highlighting suitable for your hairstyle and hair texture. Let’s get back to ombre highlights for curly hair.