Long Hairstyles

2016 Blonde Long Hairstyles for Men

Nowadays long hairstyles are very popular among men. It is not surprising anymore to see a man walking down the street with long hairstyles. They style the same hairstyles as girls do, it can be ponytail, bun, half up half down or any other hairstyle. Some guys are ready to dye their hair in different shades. Actually all hairstyles are taken from Hollywood. Popular men dictate their taste and non-popular men follow them. The same thing we can say about ladies. Some men will say “I do not care about my hairstyle” I will add, there are many men who care.long men hairstytle 2016In 2016 blonde long hairstyles are very famous among guys. There are many kinds of blonde long hairstyles that men may choose. So, you are going to see some of them and take the one that you like the most. Here, it is not even important you have caramel, platinum or even ash blonde. You always can find a cool hairstyle suitable for your face complexion.  All long hairstyles are very diverse and stylish.

2016 Hottest Haircuts for Long Hair  

There is no any other style that captures male hearts than the long, luscious and thick hair. Well, there are a few who like short haircuts but long hairstyles remain the dominant feminine styles all over the world. If you want to discover the latest long hairstyles for 2016 then check out this collection of trendy haircuts. There are several cool chopping ideas for long hair that not only refresh the hairstyle but also give it a stylish look.haircuts for long hair 2016Long Hairstyle with Fringe

Any kind of fringe is fashionable for long hair but the most popular and beautiful cuts are long, straight, side swept and blunt bangs. They are often met on the runways and hairstylist prove that bangs are making a huge comeback. Many more stylish ladies opt for bangs in order to change the common look of their long hairstyle. Even the simplest bang style can make miracles for long hair. Just find the right fringe for your face shape.

Long Hairstyle Inspiration for 2016

Who says you have to chop off your long tresses to be in style? Long locks are always in style and the only thing you need to do is discovering as many trendy hairstyles as possible. These celebrities prove that the versatility of long hairstyles has no limits and it gives us the opportunity to rock the most amazing hairstyles appropriate for any age. While short haircuts ask face shape long haircuts go with most face shapes and this is not the only advantage. Unlike short cuts long tresses are styled into millions of hairstyles from downdos to cool updos and from faux styles to braids. Find your source of inspiration of long hairstyles in 2016.long hairstyles 2016Jennifer Garner Long Wveas

Since Jennifer has a heart-shaped face this kind of long hairstyle are ideal for her. She often opt for bang styles and goes for voluminous waves. According to a stylist Tina Markou long loose waves open up her face and the bangs draw attention to her pretty eyes.

Long Festive Curly Hairstyles from Julien Fournie SS 2016

French fashion designer Julien Fournie being started his career in 2009 now is one of the most popular fashion industries in the world. Today we are inspired by the lavishing and ritzy evening gowns represented during the recent SS 2016 show. The best and the most luxurious, sophisticated pieces in subtle fabrics and accessories combined with flashy makeups and hot curly hairstyles are collected right here special for you. Find a new inspiration of long curly hairstyles for 2016 taking examples from this posh styles.  Julien Fournie SS 2016 long curly hairstylesHow to Style: Start with the hair color. A fresh shade is more than important in a healthy-looking hairstyle. If you want to sparkle during the upcoming special event then refresh your hair color with dark honey blonde, light yellowish blonde, chestnut brown or jet black hues. I would also like to offer you the eye-catching copper and Marsala red shades.

Long Straight Hairstyles 2016

Long-haired stunning ladies usually look for hairstyles that can bring out the prettiness of their locks. If they are healthy and shiny then you can rock various trendy hairstyles. Among fashionable long straight hairstyles for 2016 are the below represented options. These gorgeous hairstyle ideas will inspire you to style you locks in trendier ways.long straight hairstyles 2016Long Straight Center Part Hairstyle

Center or middle part hairstyles are youthful and simple hairdo for long straight locks. They ideally separate your hair into two parts and if you have layers they frame your face on both sides.

Loose Elegant Hairstyles for Long Hair 2016

For long and luscious locks I have prepared a special article. Today you will learn new long loose elegant hairstyles for 2016. Here you will meet the latest trendy options of elegant hairstyles on long hair and will surely be inspired. We know the secrets of beautifying long tresses and will help you to find your style. So, let’s get started!loose elegnat hairstyles 2016Elegant Wavy Half Updo Hairstyle

The first one I want to share with you is this vintage inspired wavy half updo with a little poof on the top part. You can wear it for special occasions like your prom night or date night. This hairstyle is more delicate in blonde hair colors but it’s very attractive in copper red and dark shiny shades too. They bring out the incredible shine of your waves and let your hair sparkle fantastically.

Pretty Long Side Braid Hairstyles 2016

Each side braid is unique and incredible in its style and tends to give you a girlish yet very seductive look. The below represented side braid hairstyles for 2016 will surely appeal to you and if you have long tresses you should learn the ways they are created and styled. Now, let’s get started!side braid hairstyles 2016Simple Side Braid with Bangs

Side or blunt bangs your simple braid will look rather feminine. This is the easiest side braid that can be achieved on any type of hair and by any girl. They say simple braid will never be out of date as it is the only style familiar to any lady. Even if you are not a master in braiding you definitely know the way simple braid is made by.

Long Wavy Hairstyles 2016

Taking into consideration the fact that 2016 is the year of braids, side swept hairdos and waves we decide to introduce you the trendy long wavy hairstyles for 2016. The below represented options are going to inspire long-haired beauties and give them trendy hair styling ideas. If you often rock your hair in loose styles then check out these stunning wavy hairstyles. They are perfect particularly for long hair.  wavy hairstyles for long hair 2016Bohemian Wavy Hairstyle

It goes without saying that boho hairstyles are best reflected on long locks. They are easy to do hairstyles and look perfect in messy styles. If you like this hairdo now I will tell you how to achieve it in the easiest way. So, all you need is just braiding your hair into a comfy braid on your wet hair at night and untie it in the morning. The desired result is ready to make you happier.

Long Pastel Colored Looks to Try in 2016

Pastel shoes, pastel dresses, pastel accessories. What else do you wear in pastel colors? Perhaps you may like to have one of them on your hair? This is not a bad idea because pastel hair colors are trendy and they are the most delicate hair colors you can ever experiment on your locks. Since pastel hair colors are best reflected on long hair you are welcome to make your choice right here among these trendy long pastel colored hairstyles for 2016.pastel colored hairstyles 2016Pastel Pink Beach Waves

Beach waves or the popular boho waves are a bit carefree and casual hairstyles that you can perfectly achieve on long hair. Imagine you have it on your pastel pink locks. Of course, the effect is more ravishing and eye-catching. This soft hair color can make any hairstyle breathtaking.

2016 Side Swept Hairstyles for Long Hair

Popular side swept hairstyles seem to get hotter and more required in 2016. They are super feminine and bring out the healthy, shiny and stunning effect of your locks. These hairstyles are generally worn on long tresses. If you have long hair then discover the secret of looking more delightful due to your locks. Check out these side swept hairstyles on long hair for 2016.side swept hairstyles for 2016Straight Side Swept Hairstyle

For straight hair to be in a side swept style you don’t need and kind of hair accessory. Your sleek and super straight locks allow you to pull a side your hair and draw attention. Only in case you have long layers you may secure them on the back by invisible bobby pins. This is a classy hairstyle that suits long healthy hair.