Medium Hairstyles

2017 Medium Hairstyles for Black Women

Mid-length hairstyles are for all hair types, but since black women hardly find the suitable styles for their hair it’s important to choose the right hairstyle for frizzy, naturally curly or unruly locks. Take a look at these medium hairstyles for black women for 2017. Medium bob, layered and rounded cuts will surely give you the loveliest hair styling ideas for this year.medium hairstyles for black women 2016Medium Bob Hairstyle for Black Women

Tired of the damaged tips of your thick hair? Opt for a trendy medium bob hairstyle. It can be either a natural or a straightened bob hairstyle according to the event you are going to attend to. So far medium bob hairstyles have been the big trends among black celebrities d it’s the high time to make it yours and be as glamorous as our lavishing stars. In order to straighten you hair into a sleek and shiny medium bob hairstyle, apply hair protective high-shine cream and use a flat iron.

2017 Best Hairstyle Ideas for Medium Haircuts

Looking for the best medium hairstyles for 2017? Start with a cool haircut and the ideas will come by themselves. You will even get confused in the variety of the possible styling versions that hairstylists offer for medium hair. Though there are thousands of styles for medium haircut but here I will represent the most popular and required hairstyles ever. So, keep on reading and keep up with the fashion.medium hairstyles 2016Medium Straight Ombre Hairstyle

Pink ombre? Yes, it is a big trend for 2017. Girls like to get the dolly look by dark roots and pastel pink tips. They are so subtle and soft on hair. If there is an incredibly tender hair color then it’s the pastel pink. It creates well-balanced effect on medium haircuts and looks quite pleasing. This hairstyle is more than girlish and eye-catching.

2017 Hottest Medium Straight Haircuts

Are you thinking of comfy haircut? Perhaps you may like the trendy medium length? It is great for naturally straight hair and gives you many hair styling opportunities. Have a look at this string of the hottest medium straight haircuts for 2017. Make your choice between them and capture many hearts.medium straight haircuts for 2016Medium Layered Straight Haircut

Straight fine hair always needs haircuts which can make it visually fuller and thicker. In this case layers are just in point. Medium layered cuts will help you have a great hairstyle which is easy to style in many other ways too. If you like you can add highlights to these layers to make the structure of your haircut more prominent.

Trendy Lob Hairstyles for 2017

Are you thinking of changing your current haircut? Choose one of these trendy lob hairstyles for 2017. They work with any type of hair and due to their flexible length give you many hair styling options. You can straighten it or you may curl it. So, depending on your preferences you can rock it in your own stylish way. Below we will discuss several fashionable lob hairstyles so that you can orientate which one you need most.  lob hairstyles for 2016Sleek Middle Part Dark Ombre Lob

Well, it has a long name because there is much to tell about this hairstyle. It’s trendy, beautiful and very eye-catching. You see s sleek dark ombre lob hairstyle in a stylish middle part form. It is very popular in 2017 and goes with medium to long haircuts. So, you long bob haircut gives you this opportunity of styling your hair in a classy middle part hairstyle.  

Medium Wavy Hairstyles 2017

Looking for an awesome hair styling idea? I am here to help you find the trendiest medium hairstyles for 2017. These are stylish and very pretty wavy hairstyles that you can archive even on your straight locks.  Now, check them out and be inspired!medium wavy hairstyles 2016Medium Shag Waves

Medium hairstyles give you many hair styling opportunities and you can get a seductive wavy shag on them. All you need is just achieving some cute waves on your medium length hair and with the help of a teasing comb make it a bit messy. This is casual yet very sophisticated and trendy hairstyle. Take into account that today’s trendy hairstyles are all about messiness and shag.

Fashionable Medium Bob Haircuts 2017

The medium bob haircut should be the best choice for women who are in a search of a low-maintenance and fashionable hairstyle. It’s beautiful in its style and gives you the opportunity of going for different hairstyles.  In this post we will share stylish medium bob haircuts for 2017. Change your style into better in 2017.

Medium Ombre Bob Hairstylemedium ombre bob 2016Many already like to see the lovely ombre style on medium hairstyles and having it on your medium bob you will get a gorgeous look. This subtle sun-kissed blonde on the ends and the light brown shade on sassy bangs is all you need for your hairstyle to make it alluring.

Medium Length Haircut Ideas for 2017

When it comes to medium hairstyles we think that they are the most convenient hairstyles for any women. Medium length allows us to create various hairstyles and to go for loose hairdos as well as for luxurious updos. There are many cuts for medium length hair and the most fashionable ones are collected here. Now check out these medium length haircuts for 2017.

Razor Cuts for Medium Hairrazor cuts for medium hair 2016Razor cuts are layered haircuts that create a sharp hairstyle. If you have super straight hair you may choose this hairstyle and can also go for razor cuts bangs for a more seductive look. Many add some highlights to their razor cut hairstyle as highlights bring luxury to your locks.

Elegant Hairstyles for Short and Medium Hair 2017

In spite of the fact that short hairstyles don’t provide us with much texture o style or hair the way we want but there are cool ways to get gorgeous hairstyles for special events on short and medium cuts. In many cases we need elegant hairstyles for short and medium hair and as they change our entire look into a more ravishing one we should learn these hairstyles to sport for the special events taking place in 2017 as well as at workplace.

Short Vintage Hairstyleshort vintage hairstyle 2016Women over 30 like to discover the vintage style for themselves as they follow the examples of 60’s stars who had always been in the center of attention especially by men. If you are invited for a wedding party and are planning o be in a retro styled dress and retro makeup then the best hairstyle for you can be the vintage curly style. You can get a stunning hairstyle on your short pixie, bob or shoulder length hairstyle.

Latest Braided and Twisted Catwalk Hairstyles

Twisted and braided hairstyles lately became big trends and are seen on various fashion weeks and shows. Models rocking various twists and braids suggest us new ideas for stylish hairstyles and the ones that seem to become required in the world of fashion are considered by us and compile new catwalk hairstyles’ lists. Some of them are shown below. Have a look and keep your eye on some of them to use in the nearest future.

Twisted Side Ponytail Hairstyletwisted side ponytail 2016 catwalkAn easy hairstyle to liven up your simple ponytail is the shown example. Twist your hair before you tie your ponytail and the result will be quite satisfying. Compared with the low ponytail this twisted side ponytail is tighter and looks fascinating. It’s a cozy hairstyle for formal meetings and for workplace. You’ll get an elegant and classy hairstyle.

Hottest Loose Hairstyles

Any kind of hair is loose if you don’t add a hair accessory, a band or a touch of styling to it. Be it short, medium or long it’s loose just the way it is but as they say there is huge difference between carefree and beautifully styled loose, you need to make a choice which one you need and as statistics show that the majority of women like to look stunning no matter what you are supposed to pick some of these hot loose hairstyles for your nice look.

Loose Waves Hairstylebohemian loose wavesBohemian inspired loose waves are in a big require today among girls with long and medium haircuts. These are the most natural-looking waves which look beautiful just the way they are. To get gorgeous loose waves you may either braid your wet hair and untie it as soon as it’s dry or use a curling tool or hair styling iron to get loose waves.