Runway Hairstyles

2016 Trendy Hair Colors from Fashion Shows

From cool platinum blonde hair colors to the rich and flashy copper red, check out this string of trendy hair colors for 2016. These are the options collected from the latest fashion shows. So, be the first of your friends who already knows the stunning shades of 2016. Choose the most suitable hair color for your hair and transform into another fashionable colors 2016 - CopyDeep Chocolate Brown Hair Color

Discover the rich chocolate brown hair color for your pale or dark complexion. This warm hair color is the best choice for brunettes who want to refresh their current hair color. It works with almost all skin tones and is perfect combined with dark eyes.

Runway Wavy Hairstyles 2016

New wavy hairstyles are already on the catwalks and they are the most required hairstyles among celebrities and stylish ladies. We always pick the loveliest hairstyles from fashion weeks and offer you to rock them in everyday life as well as for formal occasions.runway wavy hairstyles 2016 And here are formal and casual wavy hairstyles for 2016. They are cool both for medium haircuts and for long locks and each can find her style below.

Runway Updo Hairstyle Ideas for 2016

Looking for new updo inspiration? Find it right here. We have collected the best runway updo hairstyles for 2016 among which you can see both casual and formal hairdos for any occasion. These are classy, elegant, pretty and feminine hairstyles that will make you look neater and will enhance your femininity. Find your style from too sleek to messy hairdos that all look fashionable.

Elegant Sleek Low Bun Hairstyleelegant sleek low bun hairstyle 2016Whether you have short, medium or long hair or whether you have dark or blonde locks you can always get a fantastic sleek low bun hairstyle whenever you need to have an elegant look. This hairdo is very convenient for any occasion and it keeps all your hair out of your face. On the other hand it brings out your face features and if you wear a flashy makeup your look will be more seductive. Decorating this hairstyle with some fresh or artificial flowers that wok with your outfit I the best thing to sparkle all day long.

New Long Hairstyle Ideas from Fashion Shows for 2016

Following the new hairstyle ideas from fashion weeks for 2016 we have discovered that the most popular solutions for this year are generally combinations of various trendy hairstyles and are mixtures of simple and complicated hairdos. Here we offer you the most beautiful ideas that you can use in 2016 for different occasions making your choice according to the season. Have a look at them and be inspired.

Long Ombre Hairstyle loose curly hairstyle ombre 2016Though the use of the ombre style is not a news anymore but the most succeeded hairstyles by this technique are worthy to be considered. Many try it on short hairstyles too but the best looks are seen on long hair. If you want to bring all the luxury of your hairstyle you may try it in a loose curly style. This will enhance the beauty of your hairstyle.

Runway Hairstyle Ideas for 2016

The hairstyles first experimented on models’ hair soon become the trendy hairdos that we steal to look fashionable and stunning. The innovative ideas used by professional hairstylists are often seen on hairstyles for fashion weeks. Every year we are provide with stylish hairstyles and we try to keep up with the fashion following its rules. So, if you are one of those who are in search of runway hairstyle idea for 2016 then you are in the right place.  Keep on reading to discover the best hairstyles for 2016.

Hair Tucked Under Clothes Hairstyle for Winter 2016hair tucked under clothes 2016Don’t know what to do with your long hair in winter? Tuck it under clothes as a trendy hairstyle. It’s a simple yet very stylish solution to look beautiful, to keep the neck and the ears warm and o be original.

Latest Braided and Twisted Catwalk Hairstyles

Twisted and braided hairstyles lately became big trends and are seen on various fashion weeks and shows. Models rocking various twists and braids suggest us new ideas for stylish hairstyles and the ones that seem to become required in the world of fashion are considered by us and compile new catwalk hairstyles’ lists. Some of them are shown below. Have a look and keep your eye on some of them to use in the nearest future.

Twisted Side Ponytail Hairstyletwisted side ponytail 2016 catwalkAn easy hairstyle to liven up your simple ponytail is the shown example. Twist your hair before you tie your ponytail and the result will be quite satisfying. Compared with the low ponytail this twisted side ponytail is tighter and looks fascinating. It’s a cozy hairstyle for formal meetings and for workplace. You’ll get an elegant and classy hairstyle.

New Summer Hairstyles; 2015 Fashion Shows

The most sensational fashion shows in Paris, London and Milan presented innovations in fashion industry. Popular designer houses and labels presented 2015 spring/summer new collections. Those garments will be discussed and presented in lookbooks special editions but for now let’s check out models’ new summer hairstyles from fashion shows.

2015 spring hairstyles

If it is not a conceptual collection with dramatic looks and accessories hairstyles presented on the catwalk will be quite elegant and suitable for casual occasions. Today more and more women turn to runway images for inspiration because designers create really beautiful and stylish images.

2015 Best Hairstyles Ideas; Runway Looks

Here is another collection of beautiful spring hairstyles that were presented during the latest fashion shows. Let’s continue the topic of spring/summer hairstyles 2015 and find out what else designers have prepared for us.

2015 Best Hairstyles Ideas; Runway Looks

And again relaxed and casual hairstyles are on trend. Designers completed their collections with loose and tousled waves. Textured waves with center or deep side parting will look amazing with any type of summer outfit bu it summer sundress or jeans. If you have made up your mind to update your image you can get wispy bang that will transform the look in a flash.

Modern Hairstyles with Pins

Designers pay special attention to hair accessories and they can create really amazing hairstyles decorated with beautiful accessories. I am sure you have never thought that it is possible to create fashionable and stylish designs with simple hair accessory like bobby pin. In fact, bobby pins are of great popularity. Designers have not once presented gorgeous hairstyles with bobby pins on the catwalk. 2015 fashion shows were completed with decorated hairstyles and that’s why those designs are considered trend. This collection of modern hairstyles with pins will show you some beautiful hairstyles that can be worn on special occasions.

Modern Hairstyles with Pins

Simple detail like bobby pin can totally transform your hairstyle. The most common and popular hairstyle is pinned bang design that will add retro flair to image. Pinned bang can be created on both sleek and wavy hairstyle.

Halloween Hairstyles 2015

Have you already chosen Halloween image for coming party? If not you should hurry up because there is not much time left. This year hair stylists and makeup up artists presented really fantastic ideas for Halloween; they are scary and dramatic. Some of them are too scary and odd so if you want to get something less dramatic and edgy you can get inspiration from this collection of Halloween hairstyles 2015.

halloween hairstyles

There is one important detail about new Halloween hairstyles; it is vampy look. Both makeup and hairstyles ideas have something mysterious and magnetic. Without going overboard with makeup and hairstyles designers managed to create fantastic images. All those images presented are very easy to copy so if you haven’t chosen special dress for Halloween you can wear little black dress or any other cocktail dress and complete the look with one of those Halloween hairstyles.