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Casual Hairstyle Ideas for Teenagers 2017

I know that teenage girls are always interested in the cutest casual hairstyles which are both fashionable and pretty. They like to experiment with different creative styles and accessories. Since trends are refreshed every season each girl should create her own style and find out the matching updates. Here are lovely casual teenage hairstyles for 2017 to inspire you especially for spring and summer. Keep up with the fashion and be unique.hairstyles for teenage girls 2016Bow Curly Half-Updo Hairstyle

Bow is a real girlish hair accessory to wear with cute curly half-updo hairstyles. It makes this hairdo even more feminine and glamorous. Even a simple bow and turn your semi-updo hairstyle into a stunning prom hairdo. You can choose this hairstyle or your birthday or for any other occasions. It is worth to try on long thick hair on casual days too.  

2017 Best Hairstyle Ideas for Medium Haircuts

Looking for the best medium hairstyles for 2017? Start with a cool haircut and the ideas will come by themselves. You will even get confused in the variety of the possible styling versions that hairstylists offer for medium hair. Though there are thousands of styles for medium haircut but here I will represent the most popular and required hairstyles ever. So, keep on reading and keep up with the fashion.medium hairstyles 2016Medium Straight Ombre Hairstyle

Pink ombre? Yes, it is a big trend for 2017. Girls like to get the dolly look by dark roots and pastel pink tips. They are so subtle and soft on hair. If there is an incredibly tender hair color then it’s the pastel pink. It creates well-balanced effect on medium haircuts and looks quite pleasing. This hairstyle is more than girlish and eye-catching.

Festive Updo Hairstyle Inspiration for 2017

Find your new source of inspo for updo hairstyles in 2017. We will help you to unveil the latest trends and will give innovative ideas on how to rock old-fashioned updo hairstyles with modern twists. We want you to be the first who tries out the most creative and festive updo hairstyles for the upcoming wedding days, birthday parties or formal occasions. So, amuse everyone with your feminine and glamorous look provided by the ritzy hairstyle.updo hairstyles 2016Messy Beehive Updo Hairstyle

Are you tired of the same messy high buns or common messy chignons? Perhaps you may like the messy beehive updo hairstyle. It’s a retro inspired hairdo with shaggy curls and side parted soft strands which create a bang effect. They frame the face daintily and due to their shiny red shade highlight the coolness of the skin. However the hair color doesn’t matter and you can showcase your complexion with the enhanced shade of your natural hair color.

Dainty Wedding Hairstyle Ideas: Spring 2017

The runway shows for spring 2016 are surely filled with stunning gowns and accessories but what grabs our attention is the hair styling ideas and the added modern twists. We choose wedding hairstyles according to the season to have the desired harmonious and stylish look. If your long awaited wedding is in spring then check out these dainty and gorgeous wedding hairstyles for spring 2017. Keep in mind that the attractive and feminine bridal look is succeeded only when you opt for the most delightful hairstyle that compliments your dress.spring 2016 wedding hairstylesWedding Low Braided Bun Hairstyle

Replacing the common low buns with braids and center parted styles hairstylists offer modern and more fascinating festive hairstyles. Sometimes celebrities wear such tender hairdos that look ideal wedding hairstyles. One of them is Emmy Rossum’s headband updo with an exquisite spring touch in it. It is a simple center parted sleek low braided bun beautified with a stylish headband. This hairstyle is great for medium to long hair and can be chosen by ladies who want to bring out their slender face shape and attractive facial features.  

2017 Cool Pixie Haircuts for Oval Faces

Is your hairstyle boring? Tired of the same look? Go for bold with a trendy pixie haircut. You will get totally another look and will showcase the charm of your pretty, slender and dainty facial features. If you have a cool oval face shape then you are welcome to make your choice between the varieties of pixie styles. Oval is the right structure for such short cuts. Pixie haircuts are all the range at the moment and they are the most fashionable hairstyles for oval faces. You are in the right place to find out the most flattering pixie haircut for 2017 for your oval face shape. Keep on reading and make the perfect choice.pixie haircuts for oval faces 2016Fierce Pixie Haircut with Long Bangs

Keeping up with the fashion here we offer you long bang style for your pixie haircut. Yes, bangs are again in thing and they come with so many options that you can easily find out the best cut for your face shape. As oval face shape works well with many bang styles long fringe can be good idea to add short pixies. It will add texture in front and will give you the chance to opt for various hairstyles using just the bangs.

Hottest Wavy Hairstyles to Copy in 2017: Vanity Fair Party

Need some wavy hairstyle inspo? Take a closer look at the hottest wavy hairstyles from the Vanity Fair Party 2017. All the celebrities attending this party were in their best and glamorous looks but the most flattering and popular hairstyle seen during this luxurious evening was the waviness. The relaxed, loose and soft waves were chosen by the majority of stylish ladies who have short bob, medium layered and long haircuts. And since there are many cool examples we have chosen the most eye-catching and beautiful wavy hairstyles which stand out due to their trendy shades. Have a look at them and steal the most inspiring looks for 2017.Vanity Fair Party 2016 wavy hairstylesLady Gaga Platinum Blonde Waves

The mid-length thick wavy hairstyle worn by Lady Gaga at the Vanity Fair Party 2016 is now among the trendiest retro inspired hairstyles. It is a glamorous wavy hairdo for bob and lob haircuts and is styled with some volume created by curling tools. Your hairstylist may use a large-sides curling iron to provide you with such seductive curls which shine beautifully in the light platinum blonde shade. As for the top part, it is neat and parted to one side to add elegance and attractiveness.

Independent Spirit Awards 2017: Celebrity Hairstyles

All the latest film festivals, awards and luxurious parties organized for the famous celebrities give us new and new ideas on how to dress stylishly and how to style our hair right to be in the center of attention. The most ravishing and fashionable TV stars, models, actors and singers always inspire us with their delightful, lofty and scrumptious looks. But what grabs our attention is all about the trendiest hairstyles and hair colors. This time the turn is for the best celebrity hairstyles from Independent Spirit Awards 2017. Here you will find styling ideas not only for long but also for short pixie cuts. So, find your style and update your tresses with a modern touch.FILM INDEPENDENT SPIRIT AWARDS 2016 hairstylesNikki Reed Side Fishtail Braid

Being a ritzy long-haired beauty Nikki often refers to trendy braided hairstyle to show off the charm of her long locks and the fresh highlights that she adds tie to time to her brunette hair. They are delightfully reflected on braided hairstyles. Since fishtail is the most fashionable plait for 2017 Nikki has decided to use it to have a girlish and more seductive look during the Independent Spirit Awards 2017. Actually it is combined with a cute baby braid on the top part which makes the hairstyle original and unrepeatable. It is a cool hairstyle for the majority of long-haired ladies.

Easy To Do Casual Braided Hairstyles for 2017

When it comes to complicated and festive braided hairstyles we usually ask for the help of our mother, sister or hairstylist, but there are some easy to do and casual braids that are both trendy and pretty and we can achieve them by ourselves. And all we need for casual days is simplicity and stylishness. So, don’t waste your time and check out these easy to do braided hairstyles for 2017.easy to do braided hairstyles 2016Rope Braid Hairstyle

The latest innovative braided hairstyle that we see on the runway is the rope braid. This hairdo reminds us of a twisted tight hairstyle which beautifully brings out the shine and the attractiveness of hair. However if you have a layered haircut you may fail this hairstyle. It is great for straight and long hair. Before twisting the two huge sections of your tresses you should apply hair cream. It will provide with a high-shine and healthy effect as well as will help you keep control over fly-away strands.

Wet-Looking Hairstyle Ideas for Straight Hair 2017

Wet-looking effects can’t be compared with any other technique used in the fashion world as they are unique in their style. But one thing is more than obvious; the wet-look effect is best reflected on straight hair. While curly-haired beauties spend lots of time, money and efforts to achieve a cool sleek and wet-looking hairstyle straight-haired women rock it without any special styling and efforts. Be it short or long you can easily get a shiny and stunning wet-look hairstyle on your straight hair. That’s why check out the trendiest wet-look straight hairstyles to try in 2017. Be in style with your fashionable hairdos.   wet look straight hairstyles 2016Straight Side Parted Wet-Look Hairstyle

Leaving alone the common center parting here we offer you a trendier option. It’s a wet-look side parted hairstyle with a tight French braid on the top. Just with the help of a fashionable thin braided hairstyle you can part your hair to one side. This unique hairdo is not that difficult to achieve on straight hair.  

2017 Hottest Short Haircuts for Black Women

Taking into account the fact that black women generally look for hairstyle inspiration for their hair type here we have collected some cool ideas of short haircuts that you can wear in 2017. It goes without saying that when you decide to cut your hair off you refer to a professional hairstylist to get the right style. But what if there are plenty of trendy ideas for you to offer yourself? Check out these short haircuts for black women and copy one of them in the near future. You need some change to feel more confident.short haircuts for black womenShort Bob Haircut for Black Women

Short bobs are considered as classy and elegant haircuts if they are in common and simple styles. These haircuts are very beautiful on monotone-colored or ombre hair and tend to grab attention both in straight and wavy styles. However if you are fond of simple and natural-looking bob haircuts then opt for this cute style. Just think of a shiny hair color to bring out your skin tone and make your eyes pop out.