2017 Blonde Hair Ideas by Celebs

Popular Kim Kardashian may have brought the platinum blonde trend back to life but she certainly wasn’t the first and she will not be the last. Hollywood is full of blonde rockers and all of them are incredibly beautiful. Blonde is a rich shade that flatters almost all skin complexions. If you need some inspiration, have a look at these gorgeous blonde hair ideas for 2017 and choose the look you want to resemble.2017 blonde hair by celebs Taylor Swift

Taylor has bleached her strands for Vogue cover; however she was also seen in Coachella rocking her incredible platinum hairdo. This shade is undoubtedly works well with her light skin complexion. Nevertheless, the color looks superb on her medium length hair.   Taylor Swift platinum blondeKendall Jenner

Kendall joined the rest of Kardashian-Jenner sisters and during a recent Alice in Wonderland-themed photo-shot for Vogue has gone blonde. A bright shade of platinum blonde flatters her skin tone and makes her brown eye pop up. Whether you like Kendall as a blonde or as a brunette, she looks gorgeous with all hair colors out there.Kendall Jenner platinum blondeKate Hudson

It seems all hues of blonde are going to look great on Kate because of her light skin complexion. She has been rocking, so known “root smudging” for quite a while- where her blonde hair maintains slightly darker roots. Now she sports even lighter shade of blonde, almost platinum level and it is more striking, since this blonde brightens up her look.Kate Hudson blonde hairMiranda Lambert

The country superstar did what any woman would like to do, she got a new headdress. Miranda’s caption on Instagram says “what doesn’t kill you makes you blonder”. Whether you agree with her caption or not, one thing is certain, she perfectly rocks platinum blonde. Her chin length hair helps to showcase the beauty of the color and stand out.Miranda Lambert platinum blondeMiley Cyrus

What about Miley Cyrus? Well, this startling superstar had brunette hair until she would decide to go blonde. Blonde compliments her light skin complexion and brings out the beauty of her deep-blue eyes. When it comes to the haircut, she just chopped off her long tresses into a short pixie.     Miley CyrusLady Gaga

Crazy Gaga has experimented with various hair colors, from bright pastels to brunette shades, but today she sports platinum blonde. Gaga has done the platinum look several times but her most recent iteration was this year’s Oscar. Well, platinum is just her thing since it suits her a lot.Lady GagaRaven-Symone  

Recently this gorgeous actress has introduced a platinum blonde hairpiece. She has been experimenting with styles from straight and slicked-back to a pompadour. However, in this particular design she has a beautiful undercut that creates an incredible contrast with platinum blonde shade.Raven-Symone platinum blonde



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