Bearded Hairstyles by Levi Stocke

Levi Stocke is a media influencer and a handsome model that embellishes pages of famous and glamorous magazines for youth and adult. Levi can be a real inspiration for many young people who don’t know how to style their hair or what kind of beard to wear. Whenever journalists ask him to describe his style he always says it in a word “classy”.Levi Stocke hairstyles Well, while doing my research I have noticed that his bearded hairstyles can be worn with a classic outfit. Okay let’s go on reading to find the best bearded hairstyles by Levi Stocke.

Cool Beard Levi Stocke

Oh is that colored beard? Really? Well, yes it is a colored long beard. Dark red beard works perfectly with his brown hair. The mix of natural shades creates an impressive image. A groomed beard is outstanding and messy medium length haircut makes a full trendy style. Moustache and beard have the same thickness but hair on cheek is a bit shorter.

Levi Stocke beard style

Levi Stocke beard style

Beard up Levi Stocke

Have you noticed that men get completely a different look with beards? Levi suggests you to keep a super thick beard with side swept hair. Side swept hairstyle is easy to create if you have a proper haircut. You just need hair products with lots of hold and your fingers.

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